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Recent Purchase V July 2018

Recent Purchase V As the Market closed on Monday I pull the trigger on another stocks I long coveted to own. I last owned this stock in 2006-2007 before it filled for bankruptcy and it has now emerge as strong competitor in the industry. There other two (2) stock I purchase is well respected and has continually increase dividend to keep up with inflation. After recent sell-off in Capital One Investing, I moved the capital to Robin Hood (RB) and I have taken the opportunity to both diversify and buy strong long term stocks to hold for as long as they keep raising their dividend. So without further is what I purchased: July 23, 2018 FAST 5 Shares @ $57.96 Total $289.82 CVS 6 Shares @ $66.36 Total $398.16 DAL 7 Shares @ $52.25 Total $365.75 July 26, 2018 EPR 6 Shares @ $66.52 Total $399.12 O 7 Shares @ $55.89 Total $391.22 HEP 10 Shares @ $31.66 Total $316.59 PAA 10 Shares @ $24.67 Total $246.70 AGNC 10 Shares @ $19.42 Total 194.20 Wow, I like this b

Recent Sell off July

Recent Sell-off on capital one investing Another week has started and no doubt it was time to sell more shares and move the capital to Robin Hood (RH). so this week I started the sell off with two of my favorites. I hope to buy them early next month hopefully as Mr. Market always throws us a curve ball unexpectedly due to market conditions and other buy opportunities that may arise. So without further ado... here is what i sold this week so far: July 23, 2018 MAIN 24.2672 Shares @ $39.37 Total $955.40 as the $6.95 fee will be return tomorrow. July 24, 2018 LTC 17.2765 Shares @ $40.94 Total $707.21 This will almost complete my sell and transfer strategy to RH from Sharebuilder. It is almost surreal that I am leaving Sharebuilder. I have been using the platform since 2002/2003. However, the fees I will be saving is almost worth the extra hassle for now. What are you thoughts on this move? What are you Buy/sell? Thanks for visiting Dividend Pursuit Di

July 2018 IV Purchase

July 2018 IV Purchase July has surely been another busy month, we are enjoy the good weather finally in the northeast, summer vacation have been filled with trips to the beach, parks and visiting families. I love the summer months in New England. There are so many activities to do and enjoy, that it seems there are not enough time to enjoy it all before the football season and the winter gets here. With that been said lets review what else I purchase in the month of July to add to my fund of dividend paying stocks which will fund my early retirement and support my family in the near future. without further is what I purchased July 19, 2018 COP 5 Shares @ $69.73 Total $348.65 CMI 2 Shares @ $138.08 Total $276.16 CAT 2 Shares @ $139.59 Total $279.18 F 20 Shares @ $10.82 Total $216.30 WOW, another fantastic week! I added few more stalwarts stocks to mine collection. They will be the cornerstone of my fund that will fuel my FIRE.  With this ne

Recent Sell on Capital One Investing

Recent Sell I prefer to buy and hold for as long as the stock is producing regular increase dividend. However, with the Capital One Investing (Sharebuilder) selling all their assets to E*Trade, it was time to take advantage of free trades and move all my assets to Robinhood platform (RH). RH will provide free trades, so I will be saving on fees and instead invested those fees on stable longer term stocks who provide steady increase dividend. This is the Dividend Pursuit is all about adding and collect dividend paying stocks to fuel my journey to financial freedom. so without further is what I sold recently and started moving the capital to RH: July 17, 2018 EPR 3.7002 Shares @ $65.67 Total 236.03 +$6.95 refunded. All fees were refunded. O 5 Shares @ $54.65 Total $314.57 + $6.95 fee July 18, 2018 QCOM 10.3345 Shares @ $58.65 Total $599.18 + $6.95 Fee All proceeds have been moved to RH to buy new stocks at this point. I will eventually buy the stocks I sold. Bu

2018 Goal Update

2018 Goals! Update Below is what I wrote back at the beginning of the month: Anyone can tell you to be successful you have to have a long term goals as well as short term goals. Short term goals should be attainable. Goals that are short term nature and attainable helps fuel one desires to attain other goals including long term goals which may take years to achieve. However, whenever you achieve a short term goals this really helps motivate you to try to achieve your long term goals. It’s with this type of mentality that I will set up my 2018 goals. Everyone knows our long term goals is to be able to achieve financial independence and early retirement. How about short term goals. This in my opinion tend to be hard to break down as everyone has different desires and train of thoughts when it comes to narrowing goals that can be both achievable and fuel your progress to achieve the ultimate goals. So here is my Goals for this year:           1.  Invest $3000 in new capital

July 2018 Buy III

July 2018 Purchase III Halfway through the month of July, it was time to pull the trigger on another superb quality stocks, with decades of paying and raising dividend. Every product to produce, you have either used it or know someone who uses them. From baby to adult, woman to men, everyone uses one or multiple lines of their products.  It is only fitting that now I have become a part owner of this amazing company, as they pay me in form of dividend every quarter. This shows me they are profitable, specially since they have paid dividend for over 60 years...WOW, my mother was not even born yet. Their product is mostly necessary to actually enjoy life to the fullest as they are product that improve quality of life, in this beautiful planet of our Earth. So without further ado... here is what I have purchased so far this month with mine third purchase. July 16, 2018 PG 10 Shares @ $79.39 Total $793.90 WDFC 2 Shares @ $162.78 Total $325.55 CL 5 Shares @ $65.60 Tota

July 2018 Buys II

July 2018 Buys II On Robinhood Account Continue from the previous post , I am now only make purchases from the Robinhood account going forward, unless some drastically event changes that. Got love no transaction cost or fees. The fees do eat into the profit for sure. I got to admit I really like the Sharebuilder format when I first started using it back in 2003. It was a long time coming to finally make the change.  Without further what I have recently buy on Robinhood platform: July 2, 2018 ABM 4 Shares @ $29.49. I long coveted purchase this stock it is a well diversify company, just had to buy it here. July 3, 2018 VZ 4 Shares @ $50.82 BMY 2 Shares @ $55.71 July 5, 2018 TD 3 Shares @ $57.69 ABBV 3 Shares @ $94.82 DLNG 14 Shares @ $8.42 July 9, 2018 SBUX 8 Shares @ $49.90 ABT 5 Shares @ $62.52 BKE 10 Shares @ $26.45 July 11, 2018 ABBV 1 Share @ $95.33 NWFL 5 Shares @ $35.98 CPB 5 Shares @ $42.47 As you can see it h

July 2018 Purchase & Sell

Purchases & Sells from Capital One Investing As we start the second half of 2018, a new month, I took the apportunity to change few things. Althought, I believe this was started last month, with the change from Capitalone Investing to Robinhood platform. the moves has some benefits and some drawbacks. However, the benefits from no transaction cost should more than compensate for the drawback, in my view are no possibility to invest base on dollar amount. Instead I will be buy number of shares range from 1 to 10 at times or even 20 as was the case with my initial purchase of GE  purchase. So without further ado.... here are some of the activities that have taken placed, first update from my Capitaone Investing account. July 3, 2018 Purchase on Sharebuilder (Capitalone Investing) MAIN 3.81 Shares @ $38.28 + $3.95 commission = $150.00 Sells July 5, 2018 DLR 3.1017 Shares @ $114.39, all commission of $6.95 was refunded due to Capital One sells the account to E-Trade. WPC 7

June 2018 dividend payout

June 2018 dividend payout Wow another month has gone by. However, every investor cherishes this time of the month. It gives us time to stop and count our divided payout for the previous month. So last month was another milestone for sure for my family. We closed in a new home on June 25, 2018. It is a beautiful six (6) year old house with plenty of space for the three (3) of us to enjoy with extended family who visit often. We really enjoy having family around. That is the reason why I invest in the first place, to be able to find more time with them eventually. So without further who pay me last month MAIN $3.17 QCOM $4.85 LTC         $3.27 STAG $4.96 PBA $0.44 O          $1.29 EPR.        $1.32 Main $5.58 DLR $3.1 Total $27.98 So last month I received a total of $27.98 in form of dividend payout. We also received $287.00 in cash flow from our rental units for a total of $314.98. How did you do last month? Who pay you dividend last mont

July 2018 watch list

July 2018 watch list It sure was a busy month last month. It is now time to plan ahead on what I may potentially buy and put them on my watch list for July 2018. There are some stocks who are little bit deafen down who I surely wish I own, they will be on my watch list if opportunity presents it self. Of course any single stocks on potential watch list does not mean I may purchase them as Mr. Market can always throw us a curve ball and we will need to adjust for that.  But here is what I plan to buy or potentially buy if things go my way this month: REIT has rebound a little bit but there are still opportunity in some areas for that I will look to purchase MAIN, HCP, STAG, O and EPR. In the utilities sector I may initiate positions in SO, D, ED and NGG. Health sector looks attractive for long term so I may initiate positions in JNJ, BMY, ABT, ABBV, PFE and GSK. Staples and other sectors that I may consider for this month are KO, GIS, K, PG, DPS or KDP, CMI, TD, RY, X

June 2018 VI Purchase

June VI Purchase With the month closing, I decide to pull the trigger on one more purchase. It surely has been a busy month. There are some bargains, but there are also shares I initiated a position but will continue to built on. Hopefully I can also average down as well on some position as time goes on.  So without any further ado... here is what I purchase, this time I went back to Robin hood platform to add new positions. June 29, 2018 T 6 Shares @ $32.15 Total = $192.90 DPS 2 Shares @ $121.07 Total = $242.14 DIS 2 Shares @ $105.04 Total = $210.08 Wow, I continue to add moth of companies to my fund to achieve early retirement sooner rather than later. Consistently buy in the market regardless of the market condition has a power full impact down the line for sure. I may even make few more purchase in July before I slow down for sure. What do you think of recent purchases? What have you being buying lately? Thanks for visiting Dividend Pursui