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July 2021 Dividend Report

July 2021 Dividend update   New month and it is that time to again reflect on last month total income received via passive dividend payment.   Hope you had a good month as well. without further ado let us review those dividends received from various company I co-owned with various shareholders. Last month we received a total of $361.34 , in dividend payment.    All of the proceeds were reinvested which will add to the compounding for future growth.   We currently do not need the money, but we re-invest to accelerate our path to Finance Independence (FI). Stocks July 2021 $2,562.13 $361.34 IRA $29.89 ROTH $36.20 Individual $205.53 MrsDividend  Pursuit $77.18 HSA account $9.96 M1 Finance $2.58 TOTAL $361.34 We Received a total of $285.29 in our brokerage account, enough to pay o