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May 2022 Dividend Income

May 2022 Dividend Report  Month of May is finally over, so much happened last month that it felt that the month flew by.  Mr. Market saw a seesaw only create fear and suspense on a daily basis. The war in Ukraine and the inflation only creates doubt over long term.  What to do for a dividend investor seemed to be a daily question as we navigate to the day to day last month.  Over the years that I have been investing I can only ponder on the past outcomes and see the long term sustainability of investing on a regular basis. With that been said let us now review our last month dividend income for the month of May 2022.  Last month we collected a total of $665.95 in dividend income over all our accounts.  We did sell some and took profit and re-invested in beaten down stocks that we wish to hold long term.  We now have a full positions in few stocks that we down and continue to invest on a regular basis. We collected a total of $164.54 in our tax advantage accounts and collected a total o