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November 2018 Watchlist

November Watch list November is fast approaching, so it is time to contemplating on possible buys for November. Cash will be scarce, so I will be evaluating the possibility of making three (3) purchase. I have narrow twelve (12) stocks. I may add 2 more stocks and add to other currently on my portfolio. As we wind down towards the end of the year, I will also be saving money to pay my tax next year. On my last post about the fund update  I talked about trimming amount of stocks in my portfolio more to come on that. The current market gyrations can be scary and keep one in the sidelines, however I have always had the mind set that continually investing no matter what the market gyrations bring, will help fuel my long term goals. That is why I wish and hope to continually investing weekly If I could. So here are the stocks on my radar for November: PFE, UTX, SO, PSX, XOM, PFG, AFL, MAIN, IP, OKE, JNJ and KO. JNJ, OKE and KO would be new position if I decide to buy them this m

New Purchase IV October 2018 & dividend raises

New Purchase IV & Dividend Raises As we continue to wind down to the end of 2018, it was time to put more capital to work and continue to built my dividend. The market gyrations continue to be in a tail spin, however it is best to ignore all the daily noises market presents and focus on buying stable companies who continually grown their dividend. It is we that mind set that I continue to buy and add more shares to companies I already own when value presents itself. Without further is what I purchase last week. October 24, 2018 HEP 3 shares @ $31.51 total $94.54 WES 4 shares @ $44.38 total $177.52 CFG 4 shares @ $36.02 total $144.08 I have long being a fan of Citizens Bank (CFG), and now that it is a standalone bank and distance it self from (RBS) Royal Bank of Scotland. It has continue to grown it's dividend, not to mention it is the leading New England regional bank. Current dividend of $0.27 a share yields just over 3.09%, this purchase will

Dividend Pursuit Fund

Update on dividend Pursuit fund We are almost coming to the of this year, I have consistently invested this year. I also have collect some fantastic stocks along the way. So what to do next? So far I collected 70 wonderful companies that I will continue to add more shares and built my dividend to reach FIRE. So it is time to re-evaluate each stocks and evaluate why I own it. Does it fit and compliment my overall portfolio. Will it continue to provide continued dividend growth in the future? Is dividend sustainable for the next five or 10 years? Eventually I am hoping to trim the stock fund to max of. 60 stocks by year end. I am down the line buy the same stocks as I do believe in them. The fund has come to a point where it is now to much to track while working full time and manage family activities and so forth. What do you think of the concept above? Do you sell your share after purchasing? Is there a limit on your fund to how many stocks you hold? Thanks For vi

New Purchase III October 2018

Recent Purchase III As we are coming to the end of October and winding down to 2018 I made some recent purchase to complete add to my FIRE fund. I continue to average down on my cost basis and taking advantage of recent market volatility to average down. Without further is what I purchase recently: October 16, 2018 LND 30 shares @ $3.80 total $113.88 October 17, 2018 CL 3 shares @ $63.32 total $189.94 DLNG 6 shares @ $8.97 total $53.82 October 18, 2018 CAT 2 shares @ $135.46 total $270.92 F 15 shares @ $8.55 total $128.25 FAST 5 shares @ $52.38 total $261.90 CFG 3 shares @ $34.89 total $104.67 IBM 2 shares @ $130.15 total $260.30 IP 3 shares @ $41.94 total $125.82 LTC 3 shares @ $43.51 total $130.53 With this purchase I added $68.69 in forward yearly dividend. What do you think of recent purchases? What have you been buying recently? Thanks for visiting Dividend Pursuit Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed Disclaim

Recent Purchase II October 2018

Recent Purchase II & and Dividend Raises. Another week and another dollar assigned to be a soldier in my fund. Dollar never sleeps, so I can sleep like a baby and collect dividend. With the market current volatility, it is easier to sit on the side line and have the wait and see attitude. However, I am comfortable adding more funds to my current holding and keep adding dividend to fuel my future Financial Independent Retire Early (FIRE). Let us review what I added this week with my second purchase. Although this was a small purchases compare with my last purchase, it will add dividend income and contribute to future growth and compound over the long haul. Without further ado... here is what I  purchased: October 11, 2018 COP 2 shares @ $73.78 total $147.56 ABBV 1 shares @ $91.97 DLNG 4 shares @ $8.58 total $34.32 October 12, 2018 DLNG 1 shares @ $8.51 These purchase was mostly to average down on my cost average overall, except for COP. But due to

Recent Purchase October 2018

Recent Purchase As we enter the final quarter of the year, I will be buying mostly small amounts to keep adding shares on my current stocks in my fund. However, from time to time I may add a new position, this is mostly due to my current phase of accumulation. I strongly believe in buy and collect stocks at this phase. Sometimes I will be buying stocks at a bargain price, at other times it will be simple to start a position that I will continue to add shares down the line. It is with that kind of mind set that I will be starting the last quarter of the year. So without further ado... Let us take a look at what I purchase recently in October 2018: October 2, 2018 ABM 2 shares @ $32.51 total $65.02 KDP 8 shares @ $22.94 total 183.52 October 3, 2018 CPB 4 shares @ $36.64 total 146.56 October 8, 2018 BKE 2 shares @ $21.17 total 42.33 T 3 shares @ 34.08 total $102.24 VZ 2 shares @ 54.99 total $109.98 CAH 8 shares @ $54.52 total $436.16 Quite few collection

October 2018 Watchlist

October 2018 Watch List  So October is here and the year is almost over. As we close in on the last quarter of the year. this is a good time to start planning for upcoming purchases and possible add one more position. Will look at current position to see where we can add more shares and continue to build my portfolio. My current forward yearly dividend sits at $1293.72.  So here is what I be watching and possibly add more shares here and there to keep growing my dividend portfolio. I do see myself adding a position or two but Mr. Market will have to sort that out. Here is my list:  AGNC - a Mortgage REIT company current shares is 12 in my portfolio KDP - Since merging with Keurig Dr. Pepper will pay dividend as one company for the first time in October. Current shares held 2. BMY - Bristol-Myers Squibb is a major Bio pharmaceutical company earnings continue to grow quarter over quarter. However, the price is a little high for my liking, but I hope for some pul

Recent Purchase September 2018 VI

Recent Purchase September 2018 VI As the month of September came to an end. I had a few money left in the brokerage account so I decided to pull a trigger and add a few more shares and start a new position. It was a busy month I end up buy and adding most of the stocks I had been wanted to buy for awhile so it was definitely a positive month in that aspect. I continue to buy and build my dividend income. So let us take a look on what i purchase last week to end the month. Without further ado... here is what I purchased: September 25, 2018 PCH 5 shares @ $45.90 total $229.50 September 27, 2018 AGNC 2 shares @ $18.58 total $37.16 September 28, 2018 BNS 10 shares @ $59.52 total $595.19 Let star with Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) or Scotiabank. BNS is one of Canada's biggest bank and is well diversified in Latin America, Caribbean and Asia-Pacific with well over 23 million customers.  BNS just raised its dividend recently and went Ex-Dividend on October

September 2018 Dividend/Passive income

September 2018 Dividend / Passive income September has come to an end and it is now time to reflect on past income and ponder on the benefits dividend investing has on early retirement projections. Beginning of new month is surely the best time for dividend investors as we can count the dollars and change received in previous month. The power of dividend compounding couple with dividend raises has a lasting benefits to early retirees. Without further ado... here is what I collected last month in dividend and rental cash flow. AFL $1.56 PFE $1.02 F $3.00 COP $1.43 CMI $4.56 PSX $2.40 SO $6.00 ADM $1.34 LB $9.00 IBM $3.14 XOM $4.10 AGNC $1.80 O $1.54 MAIN $2.09 EPR $2.16 IP $1.43 ED 1.43 D $12.53 BP $4.92 BHP $25.20 QCOM $1.86 TGS $1.79 LTC $1.33 PEP $4.64 PFG $2.12  Total $102.39 Total $102.39, that is real money folks, twenty-five (25) different companies decided to share their wealth with me. Just because I decided to invest in their future and