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 DIVIDEND UPDATE MARCH 2021        Begining of every month is very dividend investor favorite time of the month.  Time to pause and reflect on previous month dividend income.  It is like a clock work, just hits your account on a monthly basis, almost predictable when each company will pay their dividend.  I invest in companies that are stable and able to aford to pay their shareholders dividend every quarter or monthly.       One day i hope to have my passive income cover my life expenses, I am far from there but the sooner you start the faster you can reach your financial independence (FI).  I am not realy sure if I will retire for say.  However, FI will provide more options in life to choose your path forward.  How you spend your time.  Time is one thing you can not go back to, once past it is gone.  That is the only thing I remember form my 8th grade class.  A valuable lesson for sure! without further ado let us review where our passive income came from last month: March 2021, broug