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Dividend Updated - January 2017

Dividend Updated It has been a busy month last 2 months. Been busy with work and Sell our home and now working on closing on a new home, which I will post down the road for now I figure our best time of the month is when we all count our dividend from previous month. All thought i was busy i did manage o make a few small purchase which will be post down the road. For now I just say we sold our home in December 30 last year and hopefully we can close on a new home at end of February. So here is my Dividend for the month Sharebuilder WSBC 1.29 WPC 1.60 MAIN 6.28 GSK 2.24 GE 2.70 BNS .92 IRA NJR 1.06 CCP 9.50 TUP 1.77 WDFC 1.29 ROTH GPC .72 ADP 1.54 LM .67 OXY 1.58 RCI 1.82 CINF 1.01 STAG 2.02 TOT 1.30 BKE 13.23 CLDT 1.04 Total $53.58 Compare to last January 2016 total of $5.53 its incredible to see the power of compounding starting to take over like a snow ball effect. This is all the time I have for now. But I would be a miss if i did not mention my 2