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April 2021 Dividend update

 April 2021 Dividend Update     It is that time again, the begining of the new month.  Time to reflect on possible new investment for the month and time to count the previous month dividend payout.  There has been a lot of noise in the market specially with meme stocks.  As a long term invester, I am focusing on building my passive income via dividend payout and cash flow from real estate.  Today we will report my dividend payout for month of April 2021. Without further ado let us count the dividend received from our various accounts: We received a total of $358.72 in dividend in the month of April 2021, a new record for us to start the second quarter. Stocks April 2021 $1,721.71 $358.72 IRA $28.93 ROTH $35.13 Individual $208.50 Mrs. Dividend pursuit $75.38 HSA account $9.51 M1 Finance $1.27 TOTAL $358.72 We received $285.15 on our non-taxable accounts and $73.57 in the taxable accounts.   Since we are trying to reach Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE).  We are investing mostly