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Recent Purchase III March 2018

Recent Purchase III As we close on another month it was time to add to my investement and deploy fresh capital to work for me. Last weeks vacation to Dominican Replublic has instill in me the desire to achieve early retirement sooner rather than later, its with that mind set that I deploy fresh new capital to work as hard as I do. As we all know timing the market is never a good combination. With current market conditions and daily gyrations and swings on the market, I firmly believe one needs to constantly make purchases and not try to time the market. As long term investor can agree the over long haul the market returns are higher versus trying to time when to get in and out. Plus the dividend compounding and regular dividend increases greatly increases an investors return. Without any further ado here is what I purchase this week: March 27, 2018 EPR 3.63 shares @ $53.96 +$3.95 = $200.00 WPC 4.80 shares @ $61.64 + $3.95 = $300.00 VTR 5.07 shares @ $48.46 + $3.95 = $250.00

Recent Purchase II March 2018

Recent purchase II March 2018 Another week past bye, so it was time to deploy more dollars to work for me. I consider them as an employee who works hard for their boss. This allows the boss more time to relax and spend with family. Which was the case, me and Mrs. Dividend pursuit spend last week in the beautiful Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We enjoy the sun versus the cold weather of northeast. We love Boston, however the bitter winter sometimes get to you and one desperately needs time to unwind and take on the sun and enjoy the beach. The beach was not particular beautiful this time around, we were told the tropical storms cause the seaweeds to be closer to shore. However the heat and the sun overshadow much of that. The food was also great. I will get into much more detail about our vacation down the line As this post is about my recent purchase, so here it is. March 20, 2018 STAG 1.93 shares @ $23.86 + $3.95 = $50 WPC 2.36 shares @ $61.66 + $3.95 = $150 What do you t

Rental Income Update

Rental Income update It is a year since we purchase a four (4) plex unit. We have done a lot of remodel to bring the units up to standard we would personally life in. The current rental has help us to keep up with the upkeep of the units and fix some water leaks to bring the plumbing up to date. We also update some electrical wiring on some of the units to bring it up to code. Also last December the water heater went down and we took quick action to replaced it. Finally last month we needed to perform maintenance on the boiler which also takes cash away. As a longer term property investor, the updates will eventually reap its reward down the line as we collect rental income. With that in mind and with a new lease on the horizon, we took the opportunity to increase the rental. Will called this unit number four (4), we raised the monthly rental to $250.00 a month. This is due to a complete renovation from the Kitchen,  bathroom, new carpet in the living room, new refinished floorin

Recent Purchase March 2018

Update on recent Purchase March 2018 Almost half way point for the month of March, it was time to make my first purchase of the month. The market has made some headway’s since last month. However, any long term investor needs to focus on accumulating assets as the old saying goes money never sleeps. While We need to take naps and sleep from time to time to stay healthy as we age. So without further ado here is what I purchase so far this month. 3/13/2018 DLR 2.17 shares @ $105.32 +$3.95 Commission = $233.00 MAIN 3.04 Shares @ $37.20 + $3.95 Commission =$177.00 I made two (2) purchase from my watch list . Will have. To wait  and see what else Mr. market throws at us, as it has a way to make head ways that at times do not match our expectations. What do you thing of my recent purchases? What are you buying? Thanks for visiting Dividend Pursuit Disclaimer: Long on DLR and MAIN. Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed investment advisor and not an investment professional. This s

March 2018 Watch List

March 2018 Watch List New month is almost halfway over I still have no make any purchases mostly due to what are available to purchase and timing. Also one of my tenants may be in her last month so I have not had Time to dedicate to investing and spend most of the time make updates around the house for a new lease that was signed at the beginning of the month. More to come on the lease at a later post. For this month I will probably most likely invest on current holdings, which are mostly REIT. However, Mr. Market can always change that due to market volatility and other world and national events that tend to move the market. So here are some of the items on my watch list: LTC, MAIN, O and STAG. However, there are others that I may initiated a position. Some that I have been watching is CB, QCOM, DLR, TD, WPC and BNS. Hopefully there will be plenty of cash to initiate one position and add to at least 2 of my investment. What are you planning to buy? Cheer happ

February 2018 Dividend Update

February 2018 Dividend Update With February ending so soon, which barely leaves time to count the dividend. Only 28 days leaves one wondering where did the time go. But this is why we invest in dividend paying stocks to keep up with inflation to be blue to reach our early retirement goal. So without further ado lets recap on my passive income which i know track rental income provide by rental property. February Dividend: MAIN $1.84 OHI $2.32 LTC $2.02 STAG $3.93 PBA $.43 Total $10.54 This is real money that I did not have to do anything to receive this money. All I did was starting to investing in the above stocks and wait to collect the dividend, which I intend to grow over time. Rental Property: Total Cash flow for the month $356.00 and total passive income of $366.54. This is real money, in fact it covers my monthly car payment and leaves some to cover my monthly parking and bus ride to work. How did you do last month? Thanks for visiting Dividend Pursuit Di