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Recent Purchase II - February. 2018

Recent Purchase II With the month drawing to a close, its time to update everyone on my progress and recent Purchase in the last few weeks. It has being a busy month for sure with a lot activities on the market. However not paying attention to the noise in the market and keep regularly investing building my assets and passive income is the key to longer term investors and those with a desire to an early retirement. So here is what I purchase recently: 2/20/2018 MAIN 2.498 shares @ $36.44 + $3.95 Commission = $95.00 2/26/2018 QCOM 3 shares @ $67 + $6.95 commission = $207.95 2/27/2018 O 5.784 shares @ $49.80 + $3.95 shares = $292.00 I have being active with some recent purchase that I will built on in the near future to reach early retirement. Together with other investment like real estate I hope to built a passive income which will fuel my yawning and desire to reach early retirement and quit this rat race. With this purchase I was able to buy two (2) out of six (6) st

Recent Purchase February 2018

Recent Buy Halfway to the end of the month I made my first purchase to add to my dividend growth. It has been a busy second month specially as a landlord there has been a few repairs and getting apartments ready for inspection. Hopefully this will add to rental increase down the line. However back to focusing on buy dividend paying stocks. Here is what i purchase with my first buy of the month: LTC 10.633 shares @ $37.81 + 3.95 Commission = $406.00 (LTC)  LTC Properties, Inc., a health care real estate investment trust, invests primarily in long-term care and other health care related facilities through mortgage loans, facility lease transactions and other investments. Their primary objectives are to sustain and enhance stockholder equity value and provide current income for distribution to stockholders through real estate investments in long-term care facilities and other health care related facilities managed by experienced operators providing quality care. With REIT curren

2018 Goals

2018 Goals! Anyone can tell you to be successful you have to have a long term goals as well as short term goals. Short term goals should be attainable. Goals that are short term nature and attainable helps fuel one desires to attain other goals including long term goals which may take years to achieve. However, whenever you achieve a short term goals this really helps motivate you to try to achieve your long term goals. It’s with this type of mentality that I will set up my 2018 goals. Everyone knows our long term goals is to be able to achieve financial independence and early retirement. How about short term goals. This in my opinion tend to be hard to break down as everyone has different desires and train of thoughts when it comes to narrowing goals that can be both achievable and fuel your progress to achieve the ultimate goals. So here is my Goals for this year:           1. Invest $3000 in new capital this year.           2. Save for a down payment for a new house.

February 2018 Watch list

With new month at it’s infancy it is only fitting that I plan on want i wish to purchase in the new month. We recent sell off in the market, as I write this in the few days, we seem the DOW shed over 1600 points. As the old saying goes when there is blood in the street its time to buy. When panic sets, wise investor look for stocks they can park their cash for future growth. I been focusing on REIT in particularly health care and real estate to be exact. Here are some of the stocks I hav been looking at recently: (OHI)  Omega Health care Investors. The following is an insert from (Zack's) It is a self-administered real estate investment trust (REIT), investing in income producing health care facilities, principally long-term care facilities located in the United States (U.S.) and the United Kingdom (U.K.). The Company provide lease or mortgage financing to qualified operators of skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and, to a lesser extent, assisted living facilities (ALFs), indepe

January 2018 Dividend update

January 2018 Dividend update End of the month and beginning of new month is probably the best time for Dividend Investors. This allows time to reflect on past month and set course for new month. Also one is collecting real dollar amount that eventually can grow to fuel your early retirement  and quit the rat race once and for all. My first month of starting out again from the beginning here is my progress so far: January dividend total $10.11 MAIN $1.83 STAG $8.28 Rental Cash flow: $-274.00 this total a negative $-263.89 for the month of January. Someone of the things I could do is raise the rent once upcoming lease are due to maintain a cash positive cash flow. Hopefully we can see some real progress as I continue to add different stocks and built on the ones I already have here as well. I have updated my dividend page to reflect last month dividend. However I will only track Dividend and no other income there. How did you do last month? Thanks for visiting. Divid