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Recent raises 2Q

Nothing like receiving additional raises throughout the year to reach one goal that much faster. Recent raises UTX 3.1% from $0.64 to $0.66 2.51% yield effective May 18 payable June 10 WFC 1.3% from $0.375 to $0.38 2.99% Yield effective May 4 payable June 1 SO 3.2% from $0.5425 to $0.56 4.41 yield effective May 12 payable June 6 PBA 4.9% from C$0.1525 to C$0.16 yield 5.4% effective April 21 payable May 13 XOM 2.7% from $0.73 to $0.75 3.4% yield effective May 11 payable June 10 JNJ 6.7% from $0.75 to $0.80 2.85% yield May 20 June 7 Special Dividend Payout: MAIN $0.28 payable June 27 ex-dividend June 16 this is on top of monthly dividend Of $0.18 a share. Thanks MAIN. This will increase my yearly dividend by $3.32 to $530.499. I am not including special dividends they are only few companies who still provide it just will help achieve goal quicker this year, so I will not count with it. This reflect updated dollar conversion from Canadian Dollar. All in all increases are

Recent Buy VI

1 new stock added to sharebuilder!!! After last post I was really excited to get over $500 in forward dividend payout. So I wasted no time to setup my weekly purchase on sharebuilder. I added shares to both my individual account as well to Roth. As we all know I will not rely on my Roth for early retirement and as such I not as concentrating as much on Roth IRA accounts, but I am contributing to my TSP account as a government employee at lower rate now of 5% and TSP ROTH 1% as I feel it's necessary for long term aspect of my retirement. So without further ado here is what I purchase this week. Starting with the new addition Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI)   Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. is a real estate investment firm. The firm invests in the real estate markets of United States. It invests in healthcare facilities, primarily in long-term healthcare facilities in order to create its portfolio. Sharebuilder: OHI $250.00 7.05 shares  @ 34.86 HCP $50.00  1.33 shares   

Recent Buy V

Added 3 new stocks to the retirement fund on Loyal3!! Towards the end of last week I had less than $100 left on my account as I try to figure what to buy. I ponder towards buy myself a nice sneakers or even a dress shoe. Well many thoughts ran thru my head on what I should do. Ultimately I decide to transfer the fund to loyal3 and add few descend stocks on my watch list there. So here is what I end up adding to my loyal3 account. On April 21, 2016 MSFT $10.00 .1934 shares @ 51.70 WMT  $10.00  .1459 shares @ 68.52 SBUX  $10.00  .1742 shares @ 57.39 FTR     $10.00  1.8116 shares @ 5.52 VFC    $10.00   .1569 shares  @ 63.74 LB      $10.00   .1302 shares  @ 76.83 INTC  $10.00   .3174 shares   @ 31.51 A modest $70.00 total put to work. This will. Add 2.27 towards dividend. Total now stands at $499.40 I will surely reach the $500 in forward yearly dividend this week. This is an average of $41 dollars a month; this will surely pay my cable bill, one expense cover check! Wh

Recent Buy IV

Added 1 new stocks to the fund! It's becoming hard to find stocks to park your money the market (DOW) is only few hundred points away from all time high, which is great for day traders but not for long term investors to be active. I see myself continue to place capital at work whenever I see value. So here is what I purchase this week: 4/19/2016 on sharebuilder account: CAT $250.00 3.06 shares @ $80.40 WFC $50.00 .92 shares @ 49.79 BLX $80.00 3.01 shares @ $25.18 CAT is a new position on my retirement fund portfolio; it has rebounded nicely lately but there is still room to grown, so it's a good time to start a position. So recent purchases adds $15.44 to my yearly dividend and total now stands at $497.13 in forward dividend . What do you think of recent purchases? Thanks for reading? Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed investment advisor and not an investment professional. This site is only meant for educational or ente

Recent Purchase III - April 2016

After selling NOV  because they cut their dividend 95% from $0.46 to $0.05, I have been search a stock to replace its place on my fund. I did buy PG on my weekly sharebuilder as replacement to the fund. Yesterday The sale did settle and instead of waiting for my weekly purchase to add new stock I pull my BB Gun and added a new stock Banco Latinoamericano de Exportaciones, S.A. (Bladex) (BLX). BLX will provide some exposure to Latin America to my fund. it will be the first stock own in my fund outside North America or Europe. I am excite about its future as a dividend growth stock. Here are some highlights from Quarter 1 (1Q16) From Bladex website: Bladex’s 1Q16 Net Profit totaled $23.4 million (+1% QoQ, -22% YoY), as improved Business Profit (1) of $28.1 million (+11% QoQ, +2% YoY) mainly from higher net interest income (+5% QoQ, +10% YoY), and lower operating expenses (-6% QoQ and YoY), was partially offset by negative non-core results of $4.7 million in the 1Q16, most

Recent buy II -April 2016

Recent Buy II New stocks added to the fund. This week on my weekly sharebuilder purchase I added one new stock on sharebuilder to bring total to thirty stocks on the fund. I been watching Procter & Gamble Co. (PG) for awhile now it was just the right time for me to initiate a position here I do think I am paying a premium to start but it a gamble on a dividend King and a long history on dividend paying dividend and growth. They did raised dividend this quarter at meager 1% but it's better than cutting dividendi think like NOV just did which I sold Monday morning. So the capital will be put to better use here. I also added to other stocks which looks very attractive price wise. Without further ado here is this week purchase: April 12, 2016 PG    $180.00 2.12 shares @ 82.91 HCP $40.00 1.03 shares @ 34.84 WFC $40.00 .76 shares @ 47.22 UNP  $40.00 .45 shares @79.12 This will add $10.22 to my forward yearly dividend for a total of $470.91. Almost makes up for the cu


Sell order Well this to me is a no brainer. I really love National Oilwell Varco Inc (NOV). It really hurts a company when it can no longer maintain its dividend or raise its dividend. That is what happened to NOV the company's Board of Directors decided to cut its dividend from $0.46 to $0.05 a 95% cut ouch! So it no longer fits into my goals of keeping and buying dividend growth stocks. I do think the company will rebound in the future and I will take a look at it them, but for no it no longer retains my admiration so it was time to sell. April 11, 2016 Sold 6.2565 shares @ 27.522 for $165.24 after commission. The capital will be put to better use. Since I cannot buy lots of share at this point in my investment career. This will reduce my yearly dividend by $11.50 so forward dividend now stands at $460.69 Just a small setback no biggie deal as far as long term is concerned. What do you thing of this move? Are you holding on to NOV, if you hold it in your portfolio?

April 2016 - Watch list

Watch list New Month new possibilities exists. After busy last month and a lot going on with other project it will be difficult to duplicate last month purchases. But never say never is the saying. The market has been going on a uphill mode of late and its becoming hard to find bargains. But as a new investor the is value for me to keep adding funds to the market no matter what. I see myself in the accumulation phase at this point in the game. We that said here is what are I am conteplating adding to my retirement fund during the month of April: PG, BNS, GE, UNP, WFC, HCP, O, UTX and CAT. On loyal3 account I looking to add to WMT, MCD, LB and VFC Hope I can find hidden capital somewhere to continue to add to my fund. With the tax deadline looming it can be a difficult month to add capital. About you what are your priorities this month? Thanks for reading. Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed, except for PG and CAT Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed investment advisor

Recent Buy I - April 2016 I

Add shares to my VZ holding A lot of equities is staring to look overpriced at this point hope there will be a little pull back. In the meantime hope to save some cash and be ready when it does. So this week I did not want to add anything at all to the market; But there was still $55.00 still seating on my share builder account from transfer from last two weeks. So I put that to work on only of my outperform stocks Verizon (VZ). I do think it's a little bit overprice at over $54.00 plus but it was work add to dividend since it goes Ex-Dividend tomorrow. So here is what took place:  Buy stock VZ $55.00 04/05/2016 04:00:00 AM Quantity: 0.94 Price: $54.08 I added to my shares and add some dividend for this month. Together with AT&T are a moat in the telecommunications industry. This adds $2.12 to my yearly dividend which is now $472.19. What are your thoughts on recent purchases?  What are you buying? Thanks for reading Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed Di

Dividend Income - March 2016

It is that time to declare last months dividend income. With the market gyrations the last couple months it's nice to stop and ponder on all the dividend income and reflect on the possibilities for future growth on the dividend front. So here is my report for month of March 2016: WFC 0.73 CMI 1.92 AFL 0.68 INTC 0.43 VLO 2.04 LB         0.25 LB         0.84 So         2.73 JNJ         6.8 ADM 2.1 CVX 21 UTX 0.92 XOM 7.43 STAG 0.43 MCD 0.7 K          0.58 PBA 0.31 VFC 0.65 NOV 2.84 RDS.A 5.64 UNP 1.21 LTC       0.9 DLR.     2.07 Total 63.2 Wow 22 companies paid me dividend albeit small amounts. The goal will be to grow this dividend going forward to reach double digits by year end. Not bad for first year of dividend growth focus. Since I reinvest all dividends at this point in the game, this months added another $2.50 to my forward yearly dividend. The total now stands at $470.07

Recent Purchase VII - March 2016

New Purchase - BNS It was busy month of March. I was able to add few more stocks to my collection of funds which are now part of my retirement fund. Currently there are 39  amazing companies which will be paying me dividend for the foreseeable future. I plan on growing amount of shares on this companies to the point where they will cover all my expenses one day. the latest company add to the fund was a company whose been paying dividend probably for longer than anyone on this planet has live. I talk about adding finance companies to my fund on recent post. it has been a beaten down sector and there are some value here for long term play. without further ado here is what I was able to add; finally since it has been on my watch list for awhile now. Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) or Scotia bank. March 29, 2016 BNS $120 2.44 Shares @ 47.41 Total purchase will add $5.41 to my dividend and a total of $467.57 forward in dividend income. BNS is the third largest