2018 Goals!

Anyone can tell you to be successful you have to have a long term goals as well as short term goals. Short term goals should be attainable. Goals that are short term nature and attainable helps fuel one desires to attain other goals including long term goals which may take years to achieve. However, whenever you achieve a short term goals this really helps motivate you to try to achieve your long term goals.

It’s with this type of mentality that I will set up my 2018 goals. Everyone knows our long term goals is to be able to achieve financial independence and early retirement. How about short term goals. This in my opinion tend to be hard to break down as everyone has different desires and train of thoughts when it comes to narrowing goals that can be both achievable and fuel your progress to achieve the ultimate goals. So here is my Goals for this year:

          1. Invest $3000 in new capital this year.
          2. Save for a down payment for a new house.
          3. Updated a new rental unit (potentially raise rental on next tenant)
          4. Raise rental on Two tenants.
          5. Buy 10 Stocks this year and continue to add shares to initial position.
          6. Buy 6 Monthly paying dividend stocks.
          7. Buy Dividend Aristocrats Stocks.
          8. Continue to build Emergency Cash to 9 months.

The goals above are all achievable and should propel my future growth towards early retirement. As you can see real estate will be part of my planning. We currently own a multi-family. We are actively looking and saving for a new property. Mrs. Dividend Pursuit we love to get a single family with an in-law setup for her parents. Her father is getting closer to retirement and hopefully we can help them when they reach their retirement milestone.

What are you priorities and goals for 2018?

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2016 Goals

Goal 2016

This year I will set simple goals to create a baseline going forward. Goal is essential
For anyone desire to achieved financial freedom or any desire outcome in life.

1. Goal one to save 6 months worth of expenses.  Currently saved for 7 months worth of expenses.
2. Save for a down payment on a new house. Just started this goal
3. Invest $5000.00 new capital
4. Invest in aristocrat stocks
5. Add total position to 25 stocks on Sharebuilder account.
6. Add total position to 10 stocks on Loyal3 account

This are easily attainable goals which will create a baseline for future goals and the pursuit of dividend.

What are you goals? What do you think of my goals going forward?

Thanks for reading, happy dividend hunting

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