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September 2022 Dividend Update

 September 2022 Dividend Update Wow, where have the time gone.  I apologized for the delay in reporting.  it has been a crazy month for sure.  Mr. Market keeps seesaw with daily market gyrations.  As a long term investors I have been investing on a regular basis and with each passing month the dividend keeps on growing. So without any further ado here is what we collected in September 2022: Total dividend Collected $745.38, truly amazing month surely our best month since we started this journey to Financial Independence (FI).  In our Tax advantage accounts we collected $90.16, at least this will pay for our internet expenses when we retired after I reach 59 1/2 year old 😀.  On our taxable accounts we collected $655.22.   Last month was an amazing month, we also collected passive income in our properties.  Property #1 collected $695.00 and Property #2 collected $542.00 for a total of $1892.22 in real money we can use now.  However, the money was reinvested to keep growing our dividend