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July 2022 Dividend Update

 July 2022 Dividend Update Where have the time gone.  It feels like June was just over, now July is over as well and we are halfway toward end of August.  Well it is time to count the dividend from last month albeit late to the party here hahaha.  My family just return from 7-day trip to Orlando and Tampa area, we did not plan any activities and hope to just relax at the pool and beach.  We accomplish both so my happiness level is at 7 out of 10 currently.   But without further ado let us review the dividend we collected last month.  For the month of July 2022, we collected a total of $435.58 in passive dividend.  We collected $58.09 in our taxable advantage accounts and $377.49 in taxable accounts.  Another great month as we continue to collect dividend passively.  From dividend we collected I could had cover our car payment on the 2019 Toyota Tacoma for $399.20 and my monthly parking for $35.00.  But the dividend collected was reinvested to keep growing the dividend organically and w