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Dividend Update - November 2016

Dividend Update -November 2016 Every Dividend Investor favorite time of the month. For me it has a more special meaning since November 29 , 2015 was my very first article on this blog. So not only we counting our dividend but also looking back and see what we achieve in our one year anniversary has a special meaning. It has been a busy month stay active every week, since the month had five available Sharebuilder weekly plan to invest, I fully took advantage of it. Now without further ado lets count those dividends. So here is the list: SHAREBUILDER  11/01     DE 2.42            VZ 9.96 11/4         QCP 71.93 11/10 WES 0.67         HEP 0.82 11/14   ETP 4.43         OKE 5.79 11/15 MAIN 4.58            PG 3.72         SUN 4.23          OHI 12.38 11/21 HCN 1.87         CAT 6.99 11/25 HCP 8.19 11/28    RY 0.93             SHAREBUILDER TOTAL 138.91 IRA 11/01       T 6.32 11/10 AXP 0.35 1

Recent Purchase V - November 2016

Recent Purchase V As as the market was closing I made one last trade for the month. This is mostly due to mismanagement on my part in setting up my weekly sharebuilder plan for the week  You can read about it here.  So i decide to make this last minute trade. So without further ado here is what i purchase on Sharebuilder: 11/29/2016 FLO $334.72 21 shares @ $15.608 $6.95 commission This purchase adds $13.44 to my forward dividend now stands at $948.43 What do you think of this purchase? What are you buying? Thanks for reading Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed investment advisor and not an investment professional. This site is only meant for educational or entertainment purposes only. I’m not liable for any losses suffered as a result. Please consult with an investment or tax professional before investing any of your money.

Recent purchase IV -November 2016

Recent purchase IV As most of you already know I use Sharebuilder or capitalone investing if you prefer as my choice of broker. The reason been able to set aside as little amount I could afford for the week to invest in their weekly Sharebuilder plan. Given that fact I really enjoy months with five weeks to add to my investment, which means more opportunity to built dividend for the future and be able to reach ones goal that much faster. So here is what I purchase last two weeks: Sharebuilder 11/29/2016 WPC $100 1.62 shares @ $59.25 UNP $100 .95 shares @ $100.49 ROTH Sharebuilder 11/22/2016 STAG $50 1.99 shares @ $23.14 11/29/2016 $50 1.93 shares @ $23.84 IRA Sharebuilder 11/22/2016 UVE $50 1.84 shares @ $24.95 DGAS $50 1.77 shares @ $25.88 CSX $50 1.32 shares  $34.80 11/29/2016 UVE $50 1.84 shares @ $24.99 DGAS $50 1.72 shares @ $26.66 CSX $50 1.31 shares @ $34.90 Stay tune because I may still pull a trigger on a regular purchase due to fact that I forg

Recent raises November 2016

Recent raises After recent review it occurred to me it had been few  Months  since I last update raises receive via dividend increases by stocks I own in various portofolio. So lets get straight to the increase that have been announced in recent past. CVX from $1.07 to $1.08 .9% increase ex-div November 16 payable December 12  Small increase but better than nothing. CVX is my biggest holding, at this point would been better to stand pat with the dividend as oil price continue hovering below $60 dividend may not be sustainable long term. Put we cannot predict the future special with the incoming administration who will be oil friendly. EMR from $0.475 to $0.48 1.1% increase Ex-div Nov 8 Payable Dec 9 3.71% yield  EV from $0.265 to $0.28 5.7% increase Ex-div Oct 27 payable Nov 15 3.0% yield I like this company a lot.  I will be adding more come next year. I do like to add their montly fund EVT as I owed it in the past and it did very well. IP from $0.44 to $.04625 5.1% incr

LOYAL3 Recent Purchase updated - November III

Recent Updates - November III This has been a long week, mostly due to been ill and under the weather, seems like the bug is going around at work and in my family now.  Enough about me lets focus on catching all of you in my Loayl3 account. This is a catch up post on Loyal3 account update ranging from mid October to November. My Loyal3 account has been mostly in the back burner, I have not been active with in regards to adding new stock or add to existing shares here. Starting next year I will be making at least one purchase a month here and maybe more. This goal should allowed me to pay more attention to it. So without further ado lets see what I have added: Loyal3 10/31/2016 TGT $75 1.09 shares  @ $68.27 INTC $25 .7192 shares @ $34.76 11/14/2016 LB $100 1.46 shares @ $68.11 What do you think of recent purchases here on Loyal3? Thanks for reading Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed investment advisor and not an investmen

November 2016 - Recent Purchase II

Recent Purchase Update II -Continue IRA/ROTH Sharebuilder With the US election now over, what are you thoughts on the recent market upswing? After catching up with my recent purchase on Sharebuilder individual account, its time to focus on catch up with my IRA sharebuilder account and ROTH IRA. Lets see what we been buy here as I look forward to add some stocks where I will be adding shares on weekly basis, and for the most part at least once a month I will be looking to make a purchase here albeit small amounts, the power of compounding is on my side. Without further ado here is what we purchase so far this month: IRA Sharebuilder 11/01/2016 IBM $45 .26 shares @ $153.10 PPG $40 .38 shares @ $92.95 ETN $40 .58 shares @ $61.13 11/15/2016 SHW $50 .17 shares @ $265.52 MMM $60 .32 Shares @ $172.06 ROTH 11/1/2016 TOO $30 4.40 shares @ $5.91 PFE $40 1.15 shares @ $31.29 CMS $40 .85 shares @ $42.08 TIS $50 1.77 shares @ $25.95 NSC $40 .39 shares @ $92.42 CTA

November 2016 - Recent Purchase updates I

The month of November 2016 has come and almost over and I just realize I have not update my recent purchase since end of October 2016. So without further ado lets get the update going. I will start with the Sharebuilder account and follow with my IRA, Roth and Loyal3 for last. I will try to do this is stages as my work schedule has change leaving little time to dedicate to updating the blog and other activities. But its all for good as my previous schedule kept me at 3 hour of sleep a night. I am for sure enjoying the 9 hour of sleep a night I have been getting this week. So here is what I purchase since the month began back in November: Sharebuilder  11/01/2016 SUN $150 5.12 shares @ $28.48 HCN $150 2.16 shares @ $67.31 XOM $150 1.74 shares  @ $83.60 GSK $200 4.88 Shares @ $40.10 WFC $250 5.33 Shares @ $46.13 ETP $150 4.19 Shares @ $34.78 11/08/2016 EMR $150 2.88 shares @ $50.64 TROW $150 2.30 shares @ $63.47 PSX $50 .57 shares @ $80.28 ADM $150 3.07 shares @ $47.44

Dividend update October 2016

All Dividend Growth community favorite time of the month including yours truly. Time to reflect on those company who showed us love last month and plan ahead for next month and quarters alike to continue to build dividend growth stocks that one day will cover all our expenses and allow us time to dedicate to other more important things in life. So without further ado here are my dividend for the month of October 2016: Total: $27.73 Here is the breakdown between all accounts Sharebuilder: WSBC $0.72 TUP $1.83 MAIN $4.05 WPC $10.35 CB $1.33 GE $2.57 BNS $0.89 Total $21.74 ROTH IRA STAG $1.54 PBA $0.34 BKE $1.73 CLDT $1.02 CM $0.51 Total $5.14 IRA  NJR $0.34 WDFC $0.51 Total $0.85 The first month of the quarter has been lagging as for as dividend growth in mine part. Mostly due to companies I have been investing in either pay in the second or third month of the quarter. I will be focus in buy quality stocks that pay in the first month for next two quar

Recent Purchase III - October 2016

Recent purchase to close out October 2016. It been awhile since I added an of this stocks to my retirement fund. So it was opportune time to add them. I am still consider my self in the accumulation phase and building this dividend up is my main goal at the moment. One day they will cover all my expenses and allow me time to dedicate to other ventures and spend more time with my family and friends. So without further ado here is my last week purchase in Sharebuilder accounts. After initiating my loyal3 accounts again was time to focus on sharebuilding: Sharebuilder individual account : 10/25/2016 OHI $150 4.41 shares @ $33.06 WES $50 .79 shares @ $58.08 HEP $50 1.37 shares @ $33.44 PSX $50 .57 shares @ $80.05 ROTH IRA  10/25/2016 PAYX $65 1.08 shares @ $56.08 BLX $50 1.66 shares @ $27.70 EV $50 1.22 shares @ $37.51 IRA 10/25/2016 BMO $50 .71 shares @ $64.58 STO $50 2.80 shares @ $16.42 NI $50 2.03 shares @ $22.68 What do you