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December 2021 Dividend Update       With 2021 year closed in the books and a new year to look forward to and plan my exit strategy.  It is time to start review my progress from last month and start planning for 2022 investment strategy.   Without further ado let’s review how last month dividend went.   It was definitely a record setting month for Dividend Pursuit for sure.   We collected a total of $707.03 in passive Dividend between all our accounts. Now let’s review what we collected between our accounts.   We collected a total of $126.63 in our Taxable accounts and $580.40 in our non-taxable accounts.   Year-to-date with collected a total of $5208.04 in dividend during the 2021 calendar year, simply amazing see the dividend hitting our accounts month after month. All we had to do is simply invest in these amazing company who share a slice of their pie with us humble patrons.   We received special dividend from few of our holdings, the biggest one being BKE $115.92