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January 2023 Dividend Income

 JANUARY's 2023 DIVIDEND INCOME January 2023, start the year with the market on the upswing rally.  Hopefully this is a sign of a better year versus 2022.  Our net worth also well up in January, which is a good thing mostly driven by the market.  Our Rental portfolio value stayed steady and its beginning to rebound towards the all time high achieve in early 2022.  We also welcome Jr. Dividend Pursuit #2, so sleep has been scarce so far this year, but we look forward to things getting better soon.  At least I am on paternity leave and do not have to drive two hours each way in Boston traffic for now. Our theme for this year will be:  Capital improvements in our rental property increase our reserves and emergency funds Travel internationally at least once invest in target stocks in our taxable accounts and focus on index funds in our tax advantage accounts Now without further ado let us review our January 2023 Dividend income.  For January 2023, we collected a total of $783.73, in pa