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Dividend Income

Time to Collect Dividend As the month of June concludes its time for my favorite time of the month. Time to count dividend received and where we go from here to reach the ultimate goal of early retirement and freedom from daily Job. Time to Collect Dividend Picture Courtesy: Count them 32 different companies send me a small check for my foresight to invest in them and my future. It's better to count with 32 different as heck them single paycheck any day. The most important aspect is I did not had to work for it but wisely invest little by little of my excess cash in the wonderful companies. date          ticker amount 6/1/2016   INTC 0.6           WFC 3.27            AFL 0.96            CMI 4.3 6/6/2016    SO 3.37 6/7/2016    JNJ 7.97            WMT 1 6/8/2016     ADM 2.48 6/9/2016     MSFT 0.07 6/10/2016    XOM 8.08             CVX 21.63              EM

Recent Purchases - June II

Updated on Recent Purchases It's been so far a busy beginning to the summer season. Time of year we take extra vacation and sight seeing. Spending more time with family is the main reason we all work hard and invest in DGI stocks to be able to afford us the time and financial freedom to do so. While I will be vacationing and traveling to the northeastern states every few weeks for the summer time with family and extended family I will also keep on investing for future freedom. While across the pond in Europe, the volatility created by Brexit does open up some potential purchase down the road as well. So without further ado here is an update from the last few weeks of investing. Sharebuilder: June 14, 2016 GE $60 1.86 shares @ $30.07 TUP $60 1 share @ $55.76 MAIN $136 4.08 Shares @ $32.34 CINF $64 .86 shares @ $69.75 June 21, 2016 DE $40 .42 shares @ $84.41 NHI $40 .50 shares @ $71.60 TPR $40 .80 shares @ $44.57 ITW $40 .33 shares @ $107.07 WPC $225 3.24 shares

Recent Purchase I - June 2016

Recent Purchase I June 2016 New month at its time to thing of possible purchases and plan ahead to meet yearly goal of $1000 in dividend on my first year of purchasing Dividend Growth Stocks. For that reason I added two new stocks to the portofolio to try to reach my early retirement goal. So here is what I purchase recently and add to my early retirement fund. Loyal3 account June 1, 2016 MCD $125 1.0338 shares @ $120.91 Sharebuilder June 7, 2016 TROW $160 2.05 shares @ $75.86 DLR $120 1.13 shares @ $102.03 MAIN $120 3.53 shares @ $32.85 WSBC $100 2.96 shares @ $32.42 This will add $26.73 to my yearly dividend and forward dividend is now at $692.15 Inching closer every day, wow amazing the power of compounding with Dividend Growth (DG)  stocks to reach the milestone. What do you thing of recent purchase? What are you buying this month?  I am hoping to still add to BNS, MAIN, CINF, TUP, TPR, NHI, DE, GE, ITW, T and VZ hopefully by month end. Thanks for rea

Recent purchase - April 2016 part II

Life is just been kick me on my but lately. So much to do so little time. That is one reason why investing in dividend growth stocks is essential to early retirement. As this allows you to take charge of your time to do as you see fit, i.e. Spending more time with your family. Let's get right to the need grid of my recent purchases which took place in April 2016. Sharebuilder May 24, 2016 QCOM $115 2.0007 shares @ $55.61 UNP $100 1.1725 shares @ $81.92 IP $150 3.5220 shares @ $41.47 M ay 31, 2016 CAT $50 .6312 shares @ $72.96 MDT $50 .5735 shares @ $80.30 DLR $ 50 .4879 shares @ $94.38 FLO $50 2.4302 shares @ 18.95 WPC $50 .7204 shares @ $63.92 DE $50 .5578 shares @ $82.56 VLO $50 .8355 shares @ $55.12 LOYAL3  May 31, 2016 LB $80 1.1660 shares @ $68.61 DIS $20 .2035 shares @ $98.30 The total purchase for the month of April couple with the dividend DRIP adds a total of $134.94 to my forward yearly dividend to $666.15 It is get closer to my 2016 goal of $100

Recent buys - Dividend Payout May 2016 Part I

May Dividend and Purchases It's been awhile since a made a post to update everyone. It has been a crazy month with highs and lows. From working on my IRS tax audit to car accident, which cause me to have a concussion, (luckily I am ok and recuperating) to finally refinance our home to Lower interest rate. Enough about me let get to the needy greedy of updating this post with my purchase throughout the month and may 2016 dividend payout. Month of May provided 5 weeks for my regular weekly investment thru sharebuilder account and loyal3 accounts. Here are the dividend payout first for May 2016: separated by Date each paid dividend into my accounts 5/2/2016      VZ 7.63                       T 4.61                    DE 1.21            TRP         0.97 5/10/2016 NHI  2.75 5/11/2016 BLX 3.86 5/13/2016 OKE 3.58 5/16/2016 SUN 5.75                    PG 1.42                  OHI 4.09                MAIN 1.81              STAG 0.73 5/12/2016 PBA