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August 2022 Dividend Updates

 August 2022 Dividend Update       A new month and busy as ever, but nothing like taking the time to count the dividend collected last month.  Mr. Market keeps going up and down in a seesaw move every single day the market gyrations for sure can cause heart attack if you pay to munch attention to it.  I find that finding stable paying dividend companies and keep building my shares with every opportunity is a better long term  solutions for me. Have you been investing and continue to do so with every market gyrations? Lately I have been selling some stocks I don't see me holding longterm and also this will allowed me to focus on few stocks.  We have gone from 87 individual stocks to closer to 65 with the goal to trim down to 60 or fewer this year.  Of course the profit in some cases the proceeds have been reinvested in the companies I will be keeping long term. But with out any further ado, let's review last month dividend collected.  We collected a total of $693.25, in dividend