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February 2019 - Recent Purchase II update

Recent Purchase II Update - February 2019 It seems that the market have rebounded from December lows, the market continues to be in the upswing. Bargains are becoming hard to find. However, it is best to ignored the noises and continue to invest with a long term view, specially if you wish to achieve FIRE. The Dividend Pursuit family just return from our February vacation. We visited the Orlando, Florida for a week. The weather was beautiful and definitely warmer than Massachusetts and the best we missed the cold weather and snow last week in Massachusetts. It definitely puts life in prospective when one takes vacation to recharge the batteries and break the daily routine.  As I return to work on Sunday, it was a wake up call that I do not wish to work forever and maintain the same routine. My passion and the desire to reach FIRE was definitely burning hotter after the vacation.  Spending time with family and drawing closer to each other as we spent time doing differen

Recent Purchase -February 2019

Recent Purchase Update - February 2019 With the Government now open, I was able to get some pay although I have not received all back pay due at this point. This has had an impact on what I purchase and the frequency I usually try to keep on a weekly basis. However, last week I add more shares to existing stocks I already owned. I will try to keep the same amount of stocks I currently own or even trim back few more stocks this year. Now let us review my recent purchase, without further is what I purchase. February 6, 2019 XOM 5 shares @ $75.19 total $375.95 ADM 6 shares @ $41.82 total $250.91 February 7, 2019 XOM 2 shares @ $74.68 total $149.37 February 13, 2019 BP 2 shares @ $42.63 total $85.26 PSX 3 shares @ $96.06 total $288.18 This month I was trying to focus on my watch list  and building current stocks shares already on my portfolio retirement fund. However, BP still looks attractive so decided to add few more shares. With th

January 2019 Dividend Payout

January 2019 Dividend Payout Every dividend investor favorite time of the month is when the time comes at the end of every month and count the dividend received during previous month. With January 2019 firmly in the books, let us review who payed us dividend last month and see the process so far for this year. Lets us review who payed me last month without further ado... --> Stocks Dividend Amount TUP $20.40 KMB $2.00 IRM $8.55 PEP $4.64 MRK $2.75 GSK $2.92 DIS $4.40 ITW $10.00 CB $3.65 VTR $8.72 CAH $6.67 WPC $15.45 MAIN $6.83 O $2.21 LEG $7.60 EPR $4.32 STWD $10.08 KDP $2.10 BNS $8.17 BHP $40.80 WDFC $2.44 LTC $1.90 TD $2.17 PBA $0.45 TOTAL $179.22 Last Month I received $179.22 in dividend that is 564% increase from January 2018, wow, it is amazing what the powder of compounding can do and buy dividend paying stocks who raise their dividend on a yearly basis. Dividend payout 2018 Vs 2019 I am also project to double my yearly d

Raises February 2019

Raises February 2019 Raises February 2019   There is nothing greater than receiving a raise. The problem is that most 9-5 Jobs only give their employees a raise once a year. At times its a meager 2% if that, which does not keep up with infraction. This means the power of your earnings is actually loosing its value and purchasing power. As the price of consumer goods are raised at a higher rate yearly. Not to mention things we all purchase daily that are necessities tend to also go up yearly. This is what inflation is. So this is the reason I buy and accumulate dividend paying stocks who yearly raise their dividend. Without further ado... let us review the companies who decided to increase their dividend this month. ADM- raised their dividend by 4.5% from $0.335 to $0.35. This will add $0.42 to my yearly dividend. KMB - raise it's dividend by 3% from $1.00 to $1.03. This will add $0.24 to my yearly dividend. HEP- raised it's dividend for the second quarter

February 2019 Watch List

February Watch list New month is upon us and it is time to ponder on what possible stocks I could purchase this month. Just fresh of my Patriots Super Bowl LIII win vs the LA Rams, this weekend life could not be better. There are many possibilities this month. There are many bargains to be had as the market seems to be in the upswing of late. However, as a long term investors we cannot pay attention to the daily market gyrations and instead focus on our goals. My current goal is to accumulate assets via dividend paying stocks who continually increase their dividend to keep up with inflation. Now as a federal employee I am glad the government shutdown is over. Last month I invest minimum amount possible as the uncertainty of the government shutdown wore me down and kept me on the sidelines for most of the month. I hope this month is a bit different as we will receive most of our pay by next week. Just in time to buy new stocks this time, that I would hope