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Recent Purchase II - December 2016

Recent Purchase II It has been awhile since I made any updates, this post will serve just as an update to recent purchase. As we close out 2016, I am looking forward to 2017. As alot of things are in the works to help build my portofolio going forward. With this in mind I have decided to stand pat for awhile, as I will be building cash reserves for upcoming house purchase, also selling our primary home are in the works more to come later. But here is an update from recent purchase made: Sharebuilder  12/13/2016 MAIN $100 2.64 shares @ $36.36 ROTH IRA 12/13/2016 TOT $105 2.01 shares @ $50.23 CINF $170 2.11 shares @ $78.63 IRA 12/13/2016 CCP $150 5.85 shares @ $24.94 TUP $150 2.60 shares @ $56.05 VTR $175 2.72 shares @ $62.66 This week I took a break from purchase but stay tune! What do you think of recent purchases? What are you buying? Thanks for visiting Disclaimer: Long on WSBC, MAIN, ADP, OXY, DLR, RCI, GPC, KMB, LM and NJR  Disclaimer: I’m not a licen

Recent Purchase and sell I - December 2016

Purchase/Sale update Another week another opportunity to invest in the market. Mr market recent rally mostly due Trump effect. It is very possible for the DOW to reach mid 20000's in next few years. But we all know that the market is unpredictable, hence timing the market is never a posibility, or there in. No certainty. This is why i try to invest little by little every week if possible. I have been bless to be able to do that in recent weeks. So here is what i purchase, and also what I sold in recent week. First what I sold: Roth IRA 11/30 WEC, CTAS, NNN,V, NSC, ED, CCL, CLX, FAST, TIS, CL, PFE, BLX, CMS, EV, CM and AVA Their were sold here on ROTH mostly because I wish to hold them on the individual account and only try to hold blue chip stocks in ROTH going forward. Individual account I sold few stocks here also mostly for TAX Harvesting. 12/01 FLO, CB, RY, PG, VLO, PSX, SO and ETP So far I save $1400 on my 206 Tax bill. So here are my Purchase this week.