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Recent buy VI - March 2016

5 stocks added to the fund shares added to 1 Wow it's been busy couple of days this month, a lot going on; but I have been busy adding some shares to different stocks on my retirement fund. So it was time to add some different stocks to the fund that I will keep adding shares as time is on my side. So again I added to my Sharebuilder account. Yesterday on my weekly purchase I went all out to add 5 different stocks and I added more shares to one of my favorites I been neglecting lately. I also added some purchases with cash sitting on my Roth IRA and IRA which are set on automatic withdraws. Since this will not be major source of retirement fund for me it's not a priority at this point in the game. So without further ado here is the purchase: Sharebuilder on 3/22/2016 CMI $70 .59 shares @110.21 TRP $100 2.55 shares @37.55 NHI $200 3.06 shares @64.06 DE $170 2.01 shares @82.27 WPC $253 4.03 shares @61.71 ITW $200 1.92 shares @ 102.04 Roth IRA STAG $15 .56 shar

Recent buy V - March 2016

It was time to add to health care as my portfolio continues to grow steady little by little every day. I talk about the reasons I initially purchase this stocks why I am bullish about this stock here . On March 18, 2016 I but a order for Medtronic PLC (MDT), but it did not fill as I was hopping it dip more towards my target of fair value. But I am happy to report I was able to change the price to reflect fair value using Dividend Discount Model Calculator (DDM) recently post on Seeking Alpha. As I adjusted the Beta to reflect MDT correct beta of 1.16 and using its 5 years dividend growth of over 8% I came up with a fair value of $80.31. So on March 21, 2016 I purchased MDT $233.75 3 Shares @ $75.60 6.95 Commission This was well below fair value which is a bargain. Hopefully I can add few more shares before it reaches fair value for the dividend aristocrat. It has a current yield of 1.99% below my target of 2.50% but 38 years of continue dividend payout and raises, I think I wil

Recent buy IV - March 2016

As my retirement portfolio continue to grow, it was time to add side monthly dividend payers as complement to my portfolio that one day will fund my early retirement. So here is what I purchase and add to my fund. March 16, 2016 on sharebuilder account I added the following stocks: Main Street Capital Corp. (MAIN) $318.95 10 Shares @ $31.20 LTC Properties Inc. (LTC)  $230 5 shares @ $44.61 Hoping REALTY INCOME CORPORATION (O) can pull back a little bit so I may initiate a position there as well. But these two monthly dividend payers is as close as O as far as consistency, I will take that. My fair value is at $35 and $48 respectively So it is a bargain at this point. It will add $32.40 to my yearly dividend. This bring my forward yearly dividend to $412.01 What are your thoughts on recent purchases?  What are you buying? Hoping to still add some industrial and finance this month. The likes of ITW, WPC, WFC, CMI, CB, DE and JPM all seem appealing as far as valuation goe

Recent purchase III March 2016

This week was interesting week my overal portfolio was up 8.4% which is a great news. But as Dividend growth investor I am really not too concern about market up and down, or concern with taking profit when ever my portfolio is up as much it was this week. Although this is a new strategy for me been a dividend growth investor (DGI) as its benefits of stress free as far as market gyrations go. This week I made some purchase towards long term contributions towards my dividend growth portfolio. Here is what I add to my fund without further ado: Loyal3 on 3/15/2016 LB $10 .01155 shares @  $86.61 K $10 .1333 shares @ $75.04 INTC $10 .3179 shares @ $31.46 WMT $15 .2222 shares @ $67.50 VFC $15 .2304 shares @ $65.11 KHC $35 .4503 shares @ $77.73 Sharebuilder on 3/15/2016 CINF $150 2.24 shares @ $65.17 It will add $7.06 to my yearly dividend. This bring my forward yearly dividend to $379.61 I have also added other stocks that was on my watch list for March to my retirement

Recent Purchase - March 2016 II

Due to busy week I have not updated last weeks purchase. I made two small purchase with fund left over from previous week that was not deployed. I add little bit more shares to my portfolio. Like the saying goes another week another dollar towards investment. So here is what I purchase last week. 3/8/2016 $25 NOV .65 shares @ 32.28 on Sharebuilder 3/7/2016 $30 MCD .25 shares @118.93 on Loyal3 It will add $2.94 to my yearly dividend. This bring my forward yearly dividend to $372.55 What are your thoughts on recent purchases?  What are you buying? For next week I am looking to add to CINF, OKE, and maybe add MAIN. Will see how much capital I can save towards the purchase. The key for me add this point is to consistently add to my investment albeit small at times. Thanks for reading. Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed. Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed investment advisor and not an investment professional. This site is only meant for educational or entertainment purpose

Dividend raise

The most important aspect of buy dividend growth stocks it's the raises it provides year in-out. Some of my stocks gave me raises which is actually higher that I received as a federal employee. Beginning of the year all federal employees received a meager 1.3% raises. This is actually less than the minimum average inflation of 2%.  So it's wonderful to see some of my stocks raising their dividend to at least keep up with inflation. So without further-a-do here is the recent raises I received. CINF raised their dividend from .46 to .48 a quarter which is actually 4.3% raise. And this brings their yield to 3.37%.  Not bad at all. DLR raised their dividend from .85 to .88 a 3.5% raise. The yield is currently at 4.41% yield. I am planning on make them a cornerstone of my retirement fund in the near future. VLO raised their dividend from .50 to .60 a whopping 20% wow that is what I am talking about. The yield is now 3.78%; there is a lot of room to grow here at current sto

Recent Buy - March

With a new month brings fresh new capital to put to work. Since money never sleeps and I do. It is wonderful to just sit back and relax put my feet up drink couple shots of Coke and Hennessy. Since we cannot project the future where the market is headed, consistently adding shares will cause a snowball effect on the dividend income the best of passive income. Consistently adding shares of quality stocks and a discounted prices will either lower cost basis, or get you great long term stock to hold forever and of course collect passive income. Passive income is the best income there is. Getting paid to basically manage you time and do as you please. There is no value to owning you time. Here is an update to recent purchases from this week on Sharebuilder account. On March 1, 2016 on Sharebuilder NOV $90  2.91 shares @29.57 DLR $90  1.06 shares @80.58 OKE $40 1.50 shares @24.03 This small purchases added $12.44 to my 12 month trailing dividend. The yearly dividend income

Dividend Income - February 2016

For the month of february 2016, these wonderful companies send me a small check that will continue growing every year. SHAREBUILDER ACCT stocks        div amount    shares     DRIP div    div add VZ              7.02               0.14        0.565         0.0791 T                 4.14               0.11        0.48           0.0528 OKE           1.81               0.09        0.3             0.027 STAG         0.35               0.02        0.115         0.0023 PBA            0.3                0.01        0.1525       0.001525 HCP           3.97               0.13        0.575         0.07475                  Total $17.59                                                     $0.237475 Since I am at accumulation phase still the biggest takeaway from this post is the fact I am DRIP all dividend to add to forward yearly dividend income. Last month DRIP added $.23 cents to my yearly dividend which now stands at $356.34. Also adding recent raises on VLO, DLR, T, VZ and MCD

Recent Buy V

I have been looking to start a position in this recent purchase company for a while since I sold towards the beginning of November 2015. At the time I always said it was going to be one of my stalwarts going forward. Any dividend income investor should take a look at this conglomerate giant. They did suffer some setbacks during the great financial crises of 2008, but are rebounding nicely and recently have been divesting some of those assets that brought it down to its knees during the crisis. This will bode well going forward to dividend investor. As I continue to build my retirement fund, which one day will cover all expenses. It has become obvious to me to find solid company which will not only support dividend but grow the dividend year after year. I have seen many of the DGI community express their feelings toward both BBL, and KMI which cut their dividend within the past three months. With every possible dollar earmark towards buy dividend growth stocks. It will continue to b