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February 2021 Dividend Income

 February 2021 Dividend Income     End of the month is my favorite time of the month.  I plan to count my dividend income received on the prior month, compare it to my goals and plan ahead for next months purchases.  We plan to buy at least twice a month and we investing in various of our accounts.  We ae focusing mostly on the taxable accounts as we will drawn from that account earlier than our taxable advantage accounts.         Without further ado, let us review last month totals.  We received a total of $352.84, in dividend for the month of February 2021, of which $246.13, is in our robinhood account , disclaimer if you sign up we received a stock and so do you.  We also received $51.91 in our combine IRA accounts, and $54.80 in our ROTH IRA accounts.  Below is a summary of all the companies who paid us dividend for the month of February 2021. A total of 14 companies paid us in our Tax advantage account and 30 in our combine robinhood accounts. Stocks February 2021 $352.84 IRA $5

January 2021 Dividend Income

 January 2021 Dividend Income          Mr. Market always has news that suprises investors new and old alike on a daily and weekly basis.  For dividend investor we tend to ignore the daily noise create by Mr. Market and focus on our progress and review where we need to make improvements and continue keep investing with long term view.  So without further ado let us review last month dividend income sumary for January 2021. We received a total of $270.59 in dividend for the month of January 2021.    Please note I added a W to Mrs. Dividend Pursuit stocks to differentiate between our two accounts. Here is a breakdown from where the dividends came from on our accounts. We received $208.52 in our combine taxable accounts ,  IRA accounts $38.55 and Roth Accounts $23.52. Real estate passive income was $250.00 for the month .    Next month expenses will be higher for sure we had a tenant move and we turn the apartment by fixing few items including doing floors in both bathrooms and the kitchen