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 November 2020 Dividend Payout  Despite all the negative news that could derail the market with COVID-19, we saw the market had one of its best month in more than a decade on the posibility that the vacine will solve most of the pandemic issues.  The Market is surely volatile on a short time horizon but, the Dow reach its all time high.  However, we tend no to pay to much attention on how Mr. Market does on individual days, but we keep a long term approach to reach our goals.  New Month and it is the best time for an investor with a long term view. It is time to pause and reclect on how we did last month with our passive income.  For sure the best time for anyone trying to reach Financial Independece (FI).  We had one of our best month last month.  Without further ado let us review our dividend payout and passive income for the month of October 2020:     We received a total of $365.57 in dividend for the month .    Please note I added a W to Mrs. Dividend Pursuit stocks to differentiat