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September 2018 III Purchase Part I

September 2018 III Purchase Part I We are halfway through the month of September, I continue to collect stocks that will be the cornerstone of my Dividend Pursuit portfolio, which will fuel my goal to Financially Independent/Retire Early (FIRE). To that end I collect stocks that have a track record of annually increase their dividend to keep up with inflation. Inflation can erode one's early and purchasing power as the years go by. 
US markets tend to present best options to buy stocks with a long term track record and stability. But that does not mean international stocks do not present the same value and record, it is just harder to find and keep them long term. As international markets specially the emerging markets, does not have the same sticker regulations and company structures as USA does. The political instability can also be a major cause of concern. These is why I will stick mostly to US, Canadian, UK, Germany and France companies in general.
However, Mr. Market can pr…
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September 2018 Purchase II

Vacation Labor day weekend. September 2018 Purchase II On this somber day of September 11, 2018. A time to pause, ponder and reflect on the tragic events of September 11, 2001. I took the time to reflect on life and plan for next few months on potential to do list, Stocks buys and other ventures with our real estate holdings. I was also able to reflect on this past summer, and start to plan for next summer on what we could potential plan to do.
As the summer came to an end, we took our last vacation this time we visited the beautiful Niagara Falls. It was definitely tremendous to see the nature in person. To experience the water falls and be able to enjoy it with family was a definitely a blessing. The mini vacation does motivate me to continue to build my passive income, so one day I am able to rely and live me life without worrying about the financial aspect of life.
We also visited the Niagara Falls Aquarium, which was the highlight for Junior. Ever since shark week, he has been f…

September 2018 Purchase

September 2018 Purchase
A new month and what better way to start the month than make my first purchases of the month. Lets review what I purchase so far this month to add to my growing dividend portfolio.

So without further ado... here is what I purchase this month so far:

September 5, 2018
D 15 shares @ $72.08 total $1081.20
BHP 20 shares @ $46.77 total $935.38
PEP 5 shares @ $113.12 total $565.60
CHL 7 shares @ $47.78 total $334.45

Wow my biggest purchase in one day to date in awhile. Total spend $2916.63. It is amazing that I am able to do this and buy out time out of my forty hour work week. Dividend accumulated here will free up time that I will need to spend at work down the line. What a better way to start the month, than with a bang.

I long wanted to buy all this stocks here is how much dividend I accumulate with this purchase:
The 15 shares on Dominion Energy (D) will add $50.1 to my forward yearly dividend.

BHP Biliton (BHP) 20 shares will add $50.40 in forward dividend.


August 2018 Dividend Payout

August 2018 Dividends payout
Another month has come and gone, and it is now time to count the dividends collected last month. I prefer to call it my passive income collected , as we also collect rental cash flow from rental units we own.
Now lets first take a look at dividends and the companies who paid us last month.
-->stocksDividend AmountMAIN$4.61OHI$16.47LTC$0.76STAG$4.98PBA$0.45O$1.29EPR$2.16NWFL$1.1CVS$3VOD$11.75DAL$2.45CINR$2.84BPL$10.1VZ$2.36HCP$2.59FAST$2SBUX$4.68BMY$0.8T$3TD$1.54ABM$0.7AGNC

August 2018 V Purchase

August V Purchase
As the month of August came towards conclusion on the last trading day of the month I made two (2) more purchase to end the month on a high note.
So without further ado... here is what I purchase:
August 31, 2018 QCOM 3 shares @ $68.79 total $206.37 PFG 4 shares @ $55.23 total $220.92

WOW, I keep adding super starts of stocks to my collection. This company not only pay dividend but year after year they keep increasing their dividend payout to keep up with inflation. Inflation can surely erode any future growth, but dividend increase from stocks who raise them to keep up with inflation is surely one of the solution to reach FIRE. I am glad to add these stocks to my dividend pursuit fund of stocks.
PFG, Just raised its dividend to $0.53 a share payable on September 28, 2018 with Ex-Dividend on this coming September 5. I will get a meager $2.12 payout, but I will continue to buy more shares and with continue dividend increases, This will add to my yearly payout to even…

September Stocks consideration

September 2018 Watch list  September is right around the corner and so is the end of summer. Junior will be starting kindergarten this year so a lot to prepare for the upcoming new school year. But there is certainly a new month starting so it is time to ponder on what I may purchase next month as well.
There are a few stocks that I wish I bought last month so I may take a look at them as well. I have come to a point in my collection of stocks that I will now focus on adding shares to my current holdings however, Mr. Market can always throw a curve wrench to say the least when you least expected it. To that end I will be looking and others who I added to my watch list but have not pull the trigger as well as what I intent to purchase
Now lets look at potential Buy: O, LTC, EPR, MRK, IBM, CAT, KDP and TD.
What else I will be looking at and potentially purchase two (2) or three (3) of this  stocks to add to my collection: QCOM, TUB, PEP, KO, CB, BNS, CINF, EIX, CM, PFG, ITW and STWD.

New Purchase IV August 2018

New Buy IV
As the month of August is coming to an end it was time to add more capital to collect more stocks to the Dividend Pursuit FIRE Fund. The market is continue to be overprice on allot of stocks I wish to buy. So it was only fitting that I purchase this stock as its at its lowest level in quite few years.
Without further ado... here is what I purchase with my fourth (4th) August purchase.
August 22, 2018 LB 15 shares @ $32.44 for a total of $486.60
August 24, 2018 LB 5 shares @ $27.52 total $137.60 KMB 2 shares @ $116.60 total $233.20

What not to love about Limited Brands (LB) despite continue profits and beaten the consensus street estimates, the stocks continue to go lower. So what is one to do, if I love it at $32.44, I definitely do at $27.52, so I bought five (5) more shares a few days later. The stock does have some potential to go lower and when it does I will be sure to add more shares.
You cannot go anywhere now a days without seem a young woman wearing or using one o…