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May 2018 Purchase II

May 2018 recent buy

Where have the month of May gone? We are almost at halfway mark for the year. It seems like the days are going bye so fast now a days. Even more reason to build passive income to support and provide freedom from day to day work and instead focus on family life and enjoying life.
That is why I am purchasing dividend paying stocks with the track record of raising dividend to keep up with inflation. This strategy allows me to eventually live free from worrying about inflation eroding my purchasing power in early retirement.

So without further ado here is what I purchase this week:

May 22, 2018
QCOM 2.53 shares @ $57.64 + 3.95 commission = $150.00

Qualcomm has gone up from its lowest price after recent fail merger with Broadcom and its acquisition of NXP. They hold allot of patents which also generates income as well as from their many semiconductor chips.
I first bought QCOM here at $67, so it was time average down. If liked QCOM at $67, I definitely like it at $57.


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