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August 2021 Dividend Report

 August 2021 Dividend Report     New month is upon us, time to reflect on last month dividend collect passively without lifting a finger, except the foresight of investing in quality companies that pay dividend to their shareholders.  The market keep reaching all time highs and it has been difficult to find companies to invest in.  However, it has also has present opportunity to keep building shares on companies I already own to build my dividend income passively.  Without further ado let us review last month's dividend payout. Year-to-Date August 2021 $3038.75 $476.62 IRA $71.63 ROTH $62.35 Individual  $260.41 Mrs. Dividend Pursuit $73.11 HSA account $7.82 M1 Finance $1.30 TOTAL  $476.62 Wow, what a month a record month since I started tracking and invest in dividend paying stocks, $476.62 for the month of August 2021.  My Tax Advantage account total $141.80, and brokerage account total $334.82.  This is real money that could be deployed to cover cost of living right now if I choo

July 2021 Dividend Report

July 2021 Dividend update   New month and it is that time to again reflect on last month total income received via passive dividend payment.   Hope you had a good month as well. without further ado let us review those dividends received from various company I co-owned with various shareholders. Last month we received a total of $361.34 , in dividend payment.    All of the proceeds were reinvested which will add to the compounding for future growth.   We currently do not need the money, but we re-invest to accelerate our path to Finance Independence (FI). Stocks July 2021 $2,562.13 $361.34 IRA $29.89 ROTH $36.20 Individual $205.53 MrsDividend  Pursuit $77.18 HSA account $9.96 M1 Finance $2.58 TOTAL $361.34 We Received a total of $285.29 in our brokerage account, enough to pay o

June 2021 Dividend Income

 June 2021 Dividend Income      New Month and it is time to count last month dividend income that we received across all our accounts.  I have to say, the begining of a new month are my favorite time of the month.  It gives dividend investors opportunity to count the dividend and track progress to Financial Freedom (FI).  I am still not sold on the ocncept of Financial Independe Retire Early (FIRE).  I am mostly sold on the concept of FI.  Freedom to choose how to live, where to live, how to choose the lifestyle you desire, are more appeal to me than the concept of retiring early. That is why I am a Dividend Investor.  Passively growing ones dividend which creates a power of compounding as you allowed the dividend to keep growing by investing the dividend via DRIP method. So without further ado let us review last month progress. Stocks June 2021 $2,200.79 $389.21 IRA $56.44 ROTH $24.29 Individual $259.18 Mrs. Dividend Pursuit $42.18 HSA account $3.95 M1 Finance $3.17 TOTAL $389.21 Ther

May 2021 Dividend Income Report

 May 2021 Dividend Update      Begining of a new month, that means it is time to count last month dividend income.  Every Dividend investor favorite time of the month.  This allows you to consider how far you have come and ponder where are you going towards your ultimate dream of achieving Financial Independence (FI).   FI has been my goal since 2014, Dividend and real estate are main two main sources of achieving FI. Without further ado let us review how we did last month: Stocks May 2021 $1811.58 $425.87 IRA $67.00 ROTH $60.69 Individual $225.64 Mrs. Dividend Pursuit Individual $66.76 HSA account $5.02 M1 Finance $0.76 TOTAL $425.87  Wow, this is our best month ever $425.87 in one month.  A new milestone for sure for us for sure.  For the month of May 2021, on our individual account we total $293.16, also a milestone for us.  We also collected $132.71 in our combine tax advantage accounts.  How did you do last month? I hope you also had a great month collecting dividends? Thanks for

April 2021 Dividend update

 April 2021 Dividend Update     It is that time again, the begining of the new month.  Time to reflect on possible new investment for the month and time to count the previous month dividend payout.  There has been a lot of noise in the market specially with meme stocks.  As a long term invester, I am focusing on building my passive income via dividend payout and cash flow from real estate.  Today we will report my dividend payout for month of April 2021. Without further ado let us count the dividend received from our various accounts: We received a total of $358.72 in dividend in the month of April 2021, a new record for us to start the second quarter. Stocks April 2021 $1,721.71 $358.72 IRA $28.93 ROTH $35.13 Individual $208.50 Mrs. Dividend pursuit $75.38 HSA account $9.51 M1 Finance $1.27 TOTAL $358.72 We received $285.15 on our non-taxable accounts and $73.57 in the taxable accounts.   Since we are trying to reach Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE).  We are investing mostly


 DIVIDEND UPDATE MARCH 2021        Begining of every month is very dividend investor favorite time of the month.  Time to pause and reflect on previous month dividend income.  It is like a clock work, just hits your account on a monthly basis, almost predictable when each company will pay their dividend.  I invest in companies that are stable and able to aford to pay their shareholders dividend every quarter or monthly.       One day i hope to have my passive income cover my life expenses, I am far from there but the sooner you start the faster you can reach your financial independence (FI).  I am not realy sure if I will retire for say.  However, FI will provide more options in life to choose your path forward.  How you spend your time.  Time is one thing you can not go back to, once past it is gone.  That is the only thing I remember form my 8th grade class.  A valuable lesson for sure! without further ado let us review where our passive income came from last month: March 2021, broug