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Dividend Updated December 2016

Dividend Updated Every dividend investor favorite time of the year. Time to collect and ponder on what was paid and plan accordingly for the next quarter. I always enjoy reflecting on my dividend received and look forward to the next one to evaluate how I am doing as far as building dividend growth portofolio that will sustain and cover 100% of my living expenses. To this end I have often compared it to what bills I could had cover with the dividend received for the month. That been said lets look at who and how much dividend was collect in December 2016.  SHAREBUILDER 12/1 WFC 6.94 CMI 5.69 PSX         0.72 12/6 SO         5.73 JNJ         8.75 12/7 ADM 3.82 12/9 EMR 1.92 XOM 10.01 12/12UTX 2.97 CVX 22.29 12/13MAIN 5.1 12/15.   IP 2.23 VLO 1.4 12/16FLO 6.45 12/19RDS.A 12.91 12/22MAIN 9.27 12/29UNP 2.35 TROW 2.37 Sharebuilder total $108.55 IRA 12/1 GWW 0.4 12/2 SHW 0.15 BG         0.46