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October 2020 Dividend update   It has been a long time since I posted an update to my dividend.   I think it is time I start to hold my self-accountable and start tracking and share my progress.   The idea is to share how I reach my financial independence (FI) by investing for the long term with dividend paying stocks and real estate, which constitute a majority of our holdings.   It has been a year to forget for sure.   I am sure like me you have learned a lot about yourself and have made plans to act accordingly after this pandemic.   One thing for sure we have all learned is that depending on a paycheck from an employer may not be the best way to live life this day.   Multiple sources of income are the best course of action to plan to live your life for sure.   This is why we are investing in dividend stocks and real estate to supplement our income and hopefully achieve FI.   We have no FI number as we do not see our selves not working, but it will provide our family with opti