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Update & New Purchase January

Update & New Purchase The government shutdown has finally come to an end for now until February 15, 2019. As an exempt employee, I had to work throughout the shutdown as I perform essential work. However, the shutdown did affect my purchasing routine. I had to keep an eye on our savings in case it lasted longer. Honestly I was thinking it would go on for another 5 weeks.  However, I an glad it is over for now and I can received some pay eventually to catch up and invest, save and contribute to my Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) again. I have never talk about my TSP as it is not part of my planning at this junction in my asset accumulation stage.  But it is a big part of my retirement package. Come to think about it, it may be a reason why I have hesitated to leave my job for now.  But this year will finally be the year I will need to re-evaluate what is most import things in life and see where this job fits in my equation. I had a lot of time to think about this over

Raises January 2019

January 2019 Raises As we start a new year, with new goals to achieve to start the year. However, there is not a better news than to find out that the stocks you hold will reward you in form of dividend increases to start the year. As a Federal Employee, this is a great news. I am currently a Exempt employee, which requires me to work without pay for now until a Government Fiscal Year Funding or Continue Resolution (CR) is passed.  Lets review few stocks who just announced dividend increases to start the year. Raises 💲$$💰 Consolidated Edison Inc. (ED) just raised their dividend from $0.715 to $0.74, that is 3.5% raised from last quarter. The raise adds $0.20 to my forward yearly dividend. Fastenal Company (FAST) also raised their dividend from $0.40 to $0.43 a 7.5% increase. My forward yearly dividend is now at $1.20 in forward yearly dividend. ONEOK, INC (OKE) The dividend was also raised here from $0.855 to $0.86 a mere 0.6% increase. But rais

2019 Goals and Review of 2018 Goals

2019 Goals and 2018 Goals update: 2019 Goals update New year is upon us. We are now halfway past the first month and it is time to put 2019 goals in writing so I am better able to track my progress. However, before we can start talking about this upcoming year goals, it is best to review last years goals to see how we did. 2018 goals included:           1.  Invest $3000 in new capital this year.    Accomplish $15000           2.  Save for a down payment for a new house.    New Home purchase June 2018 Accomplish           3.  Updated a new rental unit (potentially raise rental on next tenant)    We raised 2 of our tenants monthly rent           4.  Raise rental on Two tenants.   March 2018           5.  Buy 10 Stocks this year and continue to add shares to initial position . Added 64 new Stocks           6. Buy 6 Monthly paying dividend stocks.  4 currently owned- Failed           7.  Buy Dividend Aristocrats Stocks.    Accomplished           8. Continu

Recent Purchase & Sell: January 5 to January11

Recent Purchase & Sell: January 5 -January 11 The Market continues to see some volatility! Although we have seem some recent market upswing of late. The gyrations on the market are just noise. As a long term investor, we have to keep the noise out and follow our formula and keep investing at our own pace. There are currently many bargains in the market relative to what the prices were 3 to 6 months ago. But we have to pick the best current value for our capital and deploy them where it makes more sense to invest rather than chase the darlings of market.. Let us now review what I recently purchase this month. Without further is what I purchased: January 8, 2019 T 8 shares @ $31.31 total $250.48 TD 2 shares @ $51.14 total $102.29 BLX 1 shares @ 17.86 January 11, 2019 ABBV 2 shares @ $88.20 total $176.40 Sell January 8, 2019 BMY 2 shares @ $47.93 total $95.86 I added to 3 of the stocks on my watch list for January 2019. 

Rental Income: December 2018 report

Rental Income: December 2018 December is now fully in the books, so let us review last month passive income from the rental units we own. Last month we had a vacancy for the first time since September 2017.  I spend much of December working on the unit to get it back ready to be rented by January 1, 2018. Last month I spend 80 Hours , renovating the unit, showing the unit - until the lease was signed with a new tenant on December 31, 2018. The tenant finally moved in January 6, 2018. Rental Unit  Now lets us review last month numbers: Income: $3700.00 Expenses: Mortgage &Insurance & Tax $2171.93 Water bill $0.00 Next month. Utilities $ $54.00 Material $300.00 Tenant screening $50.00 Total Passive Income: $634.07 The current federal minimum wage is  $7.25  per hour, and has not increased since July 2009. With my effort and hour spend in managing the unit I Made just over the minimum wage $7.925.  However, I was also able to

December 2018 Dividend report

December 2018 Dividend Payout New month, will always be every dividend investor favorite time of the month. It gives us an opportunity to review how we did on the previous month and count total dividend received. My fund of stocks is now at a point that yearly dividend raises and the powder of compound will continue to fuel its growth, even if I do not invest much for awhile. Let us review last month dividend payout: Stocks Dividend Amount Notes CMI $4.56 PSX $2.40 AFL $1.56 F $5.25 No longer on the fund PFE $1.02 No longer on the Fund COP $2.14 QCOM $3.72 SO $6.00 LB $12.00 BLX $7.70 XOM $4.10 AGNC $3.24 No longer on the fund UL $3.99 MAIN $4.88 Regular monthly IP $3.00 O $2.21 Monthly KHC $7.50 ADM $2.35 ED $1.43 EPR $3.24 Monthly IBM $10.99 RDS.A $3.99 D $12.53 BP $4.88 MAIN $9.63 SPECIAL DIVIDEND PFG $5.40 LTC $1.90 PBA $0.45 TOTAL $132.06 That is correct for the 3rd month in a row I average over $100 in dividend. I collected

Recent Raises

Recent Raises As a federal employee, I have not talk about the government shutdown much. The shutdown will surely start o affect a lot of my employees starting next week. Tomorrow is the end of the pay period and with the furlough hiatus much of the payroll paperwork will not be processes. Majority of my employees in the 90% range live paycheck to paycheck, they count with their paycheck to survive and pay much of their financial obligations.  My Job requires that I work without pay as an exempted employee. Although the gig economy allows a person to pick up gigs here and there we cannot since we working with a paycheck for the time being. I learn back in 2013 to work in savings and not depend on my paycheck, by having a six (6) month emergency money. Most of my employees are not so fortunate to have a cushion. So there goes my shutdown rant! Now lets focus on what is more important to me. Building a passive income that will support me and my family. I have to assets that I

Purchase December 20th to January 4th

Recent Purchase Update Timing the market is in my humble opinion impossible. Specially when the market volatility continues to dominate the headlines. It seems experts have different suggestions, which end up being just noises surrounding the market conditions. We saw during the recent holidays market down one day up the next, just like a seesaw. However, long time investor see it as an opportunity to buy at a discount. We all like to shop when there is a sale out there in our favorite retail or online marketplace. SO why not buy stocks when it is trading at a discount price? Now let us review some of my purchase in the last few weeks. Due to the holidays, I have been busy with family and also took some time to get the apartment unit up and ready to be rented. Without further is what I purchase recently: December 21, 2018 ITW 4 shares @ $123.97 total $495.88 December 26, 2018  CMI 2 shares @ $127.12 total $254.35 ITW 1 shares @ $119.99 E

Watch List January 2019

Watch List January 2019 New year, new month. However, the market gyrations continue to see seesaw reactions, with every different news that it digest, either good or bad. We saw the market go up a 1000 points the day after Christmas day, and down again just the following day. So we cannot pay attention to the market gyrations if you are a long term investor, instead focus on why you are buying the stock in the first place. Either to hold for 5 or 10 years or even more. Let us review what stocks are on my watch list for January 2019.  ABT, VZ, T, TD, WDFL, CVS, MAIN, EPR, LTC, ABBV and O Out of this list ABT, LTC and MAIN looks to be a top contender to buy for my portfolio. However, we all know Mr. Market tends to present other opportunity not consider at the time of evaluations. What are you planning to buy this month? Are the market gyrations scary you to the sidelines? Thanks for Visiting Dividend Pursuit Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed D