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December 2022 Dividend Update

 December 2022 Dividend Update     As we come to the close of 2022, it is time to look forward and  start to plan for next year.  Dividend Pursuit household have a lot of plans to accomplish, including welcoming Jr #2, possible travels to Portugal and Dominica Republic or Mexico for vacation next year.  We also have a lot going on on projects with our rental portfolios.  But first let's close 2022 by review December 2022, dividend income collected this month. Without further ado we close 2022 with a bang for sure, for the first time we cross the four (4) digit mark in dividend collected in our total accounts.  In December 2022, we collected $1054.43 Wow just incredible.  The power of compounding is truly amazing with addition of extra capital spend in different stocks we hold.   In our taxable accounts we collected a $971.25, in dividend passively and in our taxable advantage accounts we collected a total of $137.18, in dividend.  For next year we will stock automatic investing and

November 2022 Dividend Update

 November 2022 Dividend Updates Where have the time gone?   It has been busy month so far, with many delayed property improvements taken place and we recently had a tenant moved out and are in the process of turning the property before we rent it out again.  The last tenant was a great tenant, so we hoping to find a new great tenant for the property.   I am recovering from Pneumonia so this has added additional stress to getting things completed on time.  Unfortunately, we won't be able to do so.  We also had an emergency in another property with main sewage line backing up into the basement, this will be a costly repair and fix.   But lets focus on the dividend collected in the month of November 2022, instead and without further ado here is what we collected last month. We collected a total of $840.38, in dividend last month.  This is a record month for us 😀. We collected $152.36, in our taxable advantage accounts and $688.02 in our taxable accounts. Wow, amazing month for sure,