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December 2018 Watchlist

December Watch list As we approach a new month, it is time to start planning for what I could possibly buy next month. November has been a slow month, although I made few small purchases and focus on trimming the amount of stocks I own. There are few more I wish to sell and start a new position. However, time will tell how I proceed. For now I am standing pat and waiting for opportunity in the market. The market volatility has continue this month and it has become hard to identify places to park my funds. So I will be focusing on giant and company who have create a moat where it could stand any market volatility. I believe I sold most that do not last month ans this month. But there may be a few more I would like to sell. What on my watch list for next month? Let see what I could possibly buy. There are a few that I would like to own, for example ANTM, CINF, HUM, ADP, VFC, FDX, UTX. OXY, GILD, TROW and VLO. However, they are out of my reach at the moment. I believe the m

Landlord Monthly report

October Landlord report As of October 2018, I am separating income received from Stocks versus passive income received from rental property. This is a way to simplify my tracking of dividend received compare to my goal to reach FIRE. Although both will contribute to reaching that goal. I will also gear this post toward anything relate to being a landlord and how much time it takes and expenses and my overall experience dealing with tenants. So without further ado... let us look at last month report. Unit #1 Rental property #1 is a four-plex; 3 of the units is a two (2) bedroom apartment and the fourth (4) unit is a three (3) bedroom townhouse. We lived here for 1 year before purchasing Property #2 Property # 2 , is our main residence and it also has a 1 bedroom unit we could rent. The unit was purchase mainly for my in-laws to move in. Currently they live in a 3 bedroom rental. My father-in-law is over 60 now, My goal is to help them be stable as they reach thei

Update from November 3-16

Update from November 3-16 With the end of 2018 fast approaching, I have been focusing on trimming the number of stocks to a level that I think I will feel comfortable adding shares to next year (2019). At the same time I also pick up some stocks that I will continue to add shares to as we move forward. So it is time to review and update what has happened to the fund over the last few weeks. As I sit here a little bit sick, I have under the weather for the last few days it has given me time to ponder and weight my options on what type of investment to make and where to go from here. It really has been a busy week from trying to evict a tenant, to a court appearance to facilitate that move and from being away from work because of illness mostly due to weather changes in New England.  However, without further ado... let us look and review what I sold and purchase in the last few weeks: Purchase: Nobember 6, 2018 IBM 3 shares @ $122.578 total $367.71 BPL 3 shares @ $

October 2018 Dividend Update

October 2018 Dividend update October 2018 is now almost halfway done and I finally get a chance to update myself and everyone how I did last month. Start with this post I figure it would be better to start tracking the Dividend received separate from the income generated from the rental income. This is mostly due to that side of income is been deployed either in buying more stocks or re-invested back into the rentals and keep up with maintenance and I will start being drawn from it to pay for my various venture including some expenses. So without further ado... let us look at what we received last month for dividend income: Stocks Dividend Amount KMB $2 TUP $20.40 MRK $2.40 ITW $5 AGNC $1.80 CHL $8.17 VTR $8.69 EPR $2.16 STWD $10.08 O $1.54 WPC $15.38 LEG $3.80 MAIN $3.90 CB $2.19 KDP $1.50 GE $4.44 BKE $3 CPB $3.15 DLNG $6.25 BNS $6.47 LTC $1.90 WDFC $2.16 TOTAL $116.4 Wow, 21 different companies paid me dividend last month for a total of

Week of October 29- November 2 update Purchase & Sell

Buy & Sell Week of October 29  I started the week analyzing my fund, I came to a conclusion that the portfolio had too many stocks this early in the collection. It was time to trim the amount of holdings from 70 individual stocks to 60 by the end of the year. So which stocks to sell and hold, was the big question. After analyzing my holdings I found some that I definitely would want to keep no matter what. I also found some that I could hold at this time. I also would be ok selling and hopefully buy it down the line once the fund is fully established enough that It would contribute to my FIRE. Also one in particular that I would sell is GE after cutting dividend from $0.12 to $0.01 I needed to sell no matter what anyway. First lets us look at companies I sold after they no longer meet the fund objectives or at this time the fund can progress without it. Without further ado here is the sale: Sold  October 29, 2018 VIV 10 shares @ $10.59 total $105.90 ABM 6 shares