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October 2022 Dividend Income

October 2022 Dividend Update     October has come and gone, the days seems to be going os quickly and running on the hamster wheel surely contributes to that.  That is my primary motivation to get out of the rat race and focus on my family and wellbeing enjoy life.  To that end I buy high quality dividend paying stocks and invest in real estate to build passive income to cover my expenses so one day I can run away from the rat race and live the life in my own terms. So let us review last month dividend accumulate passively and see where we are currently in time to achieve Financial Independence (FI).  I don't really consider there Retirement Early (RE) part of FIRE as a goal.  I envision my self working either on my property or some other field which can allow time for work life balance. Without further ado here is what we collected last month. A total of $522.49 in passive dividend collected for the month.  It is breakdown between taxable accounts and tax advantage accounts. On