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February 2022 Dividend Update

 February 2022 Dividend Update     With so many issues going on around the world Mr. Market have been experience a lot of  volatile  in the last month.  With current war in Ukraine, you can only feel for the people of Ukraine and hope they are ok.  While this has create a volatility in the market, we keep see our net worth keep increasing despite all the negative news that has the market seasaw on a daily basis, of course this is mostly due to our rental portfolio.  However, this is a new month and it is time to report and review my last month dividend income that was earn passively.   Let's review it without further ado: Last month we collected $505.30, wow another month over $500 collected passively and $952.56, year-to-date.  We received $349.44, in our taxable accounts and $155.86 in our tax advantage accounts.  How did you do last month?  I hope you also had a great month. Now let us review what bills we could had pay last month?  For starters we could had pay our car payment