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Recent Buy IV

Although the market has rebound a bit for the week and unlike previous weeks where there seem to be alot of blood bath on the street with the market in a nose dive trajectory. But Like the saying goes another week another dollar going towards building passive income. When there is panic in the street there are always opportunity to add to shares at lower discounted prices. I don't know about you but I rather pay $.60 for a dollar. That is pretty much were we are at this level. Since we cannot project the future where the market is headed, consistently adding shares will cause anice snow ball effect on the dividend income the best of passive income. Timing the market will only cause anxiety and I enjoy my sleep too much to be anxious about anything. Since we can't really predict future market outcome. Consistently adding shares of quality stocks and a discounted prices will either lower cost basis, or get you great long term stock to hold forever and of course collect passi

Recent Buy Sharebuilder III

Recent Buy Sharebuilder III With oil still down and who knows if we have reach the bottom of barrel of oil as of last week? But as long term investor I am not really worried about market volatility, rather I am concentrated in building a long term portfolio of funds that will cover my living expenses one day. With each passing day I will be adding to my funds to build sustainable long term dividend to cover each month expenses to a point were it wil cover my expenses. With that been said it was time to add to oil mop any again. I believe I have a decent start with both Chevron and Exxon Mobil. But after selling Conocophillips in late December, it was time to add another giant to contribute to my funds of stocks. After review BP, RDS.A, COP,XOM, CVX, and TOT; it was an easy choice due to its history of maintains and raising dividends despite past market volatility. Without further ado here is what I purchase on February 16, 2016: Action: Buy Symbol: RDS A Description: ROYAL DU

Recent Buy II -Sharebuilder

Recent Buy II - Sharebuilder With so much volatility in the market, there are so much bargains for long term investors out there. A lot of dividend growth stocks are at either bargain prices or down 10% to 40% off. I have not met anyone who does not like discounted bargain prices yet in my short Time on earth. With that said it was a great opportunity to start my next position. I choose a company all the Dividend Community have been raving about. The fundamentals are still there, but for one reason or not the stocks is down almost 37% from its 52-week high. So here is that company I start my new position: Archer Daniels Midland Co (ADM) February 10, 2016  ADM 7 Share @33.7099 Commission 6.95 Total Trans. Cost 242.92 ADM will add $8.40 dividend to my forward dividend total to $305.40 ADM current stock prince is $32.45 it's already down from what I bought at, which just means I can start buy more to average down and add more shares which will contribute to my forward div

Recent Buy I - Sharebuilder

Recent Buy - Loyal3

Recent buy - Loyal3 February 2, 2016 It has been close to two weeks since I added to Loyal3 shares. So today I was due to add shares to my small portfolio of funds that will one day pay for all my expenses via dividend. I really like using Loyal3 to both add shares slowly and the ideal of buy stocks without any fees. That been said here is what was posted on my Loyal3 for this week. I add one more stocks which I do believe is below valuation. So I added Intel (INTC) to my fund this week. Intel is the leader in the integrated design of manufacturing of microprocessors mostly in the personal computers side. But they are also moving to mobile devices and other venture which should add to core business. They also spend more on R&D than any of their peers which should bold well to changing dynamics in the interconnected world we live on. They hold four fifths share of the market which makes it a wide moat in my view in the industry. Fourth-Quarter sales came in at astounding 14.9