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 October 2021 Dividend Income It is that time again, a new month and time to count my Dividend from last month of October 2021. I find my self struggling to find time to write this post.  It may be a sign that I have way to much going on in my life that at times I am struggling to write a simple post.  I will try to keep this simple today.  One update besides the dividend, we also closed on a new rental property on October 29th.  This will help us scale our rental portfolio and provide additional income that we could invest to speed up our journey to Financial Independence (FI), at this point I am not sure about the Retire Early (RE) in FIRE. Without further ado here is the breakdown from last month Dividend income received.  We received a total of $403.10 in dividend across all our accounts.  We received $318.71 on our taxable accounts and $84.39 from our tax advantage accounts. Our Rental Property collected $1407.00 in passive income last month.  We had a good month last month. How d