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 December 2020 Dividend Update

What a year 2020 was!  I am glad the year is over and we start to look at a new year the hope is great.  Mr. Market has been in a tear to close the year, for sure the volatality is greater then the this time last year for sure.  For any dividend investor we tend to focus on continue building passive income that will surpass our yearly expenses.  To that end the end of the month is the best time of any dividend investor.  We take a look back at the previous month and see how we did?  Where we heading?  How much progress we have made?  How much more we need to achieve, to reach our ultimate goal.

So without further ado let us review last month dividend income sumary for December 2020.

We received a total of $346.81 in dividend for the month of December 2020.  Please note I added a W to Mrs. Dividend Pursuit stocks to differentiate between our two accounts.

Here is a breakdown from where the dividends came from on our accounts.

We received $287.20 in our combine taxable accountsIRA accounts $46.75 and Roth Accounts $12.86.

Real estate passive income was $869.00 for the month Next month expenses will be higher for sure.  Total Passive income for the month was $1156.20.

Below is the list of companies who paid us dividend last month across all our accounts. Total Dividend received for the 2020 year was $2037.99.

Stocks         Dec-20
$2,037.99 346.81
IRA             $46.75
ROTH         $12.86
Individual 242.57
Paty Robinhood $44.63
TOTAL         $346.81
PRU         4.49
EV                 17
KO                 4.1
W-KRFT     1.24
W-DOW     7.69
W-VFC     4.9
W-NKE     1.38
W-TRV     5.95
MAIN         3.09
W-LTC         5.02
W-Main     2.07
PFE                 9.4
JNJ                 17.54
O                    4.86
LTC             6.49
HP                 7.62
PH             2.2
V                 0.72
VLO         10.88
CMI         13.61
SO             7.67
CVX         16.89
XOM         28.87
OTIS         1.16
AEP        2.67
ADM         2.19
IBM         6.11
MSFT         2.36
MMM         4.51
WBA         3.19
IP             6.84
PBA         5.1
PRU         8.07
SWK         2.47
TSN         2.74
BKE         14
KO             6.2
Main         6.54
ENB         3.24
FAST         2.03
BPY         10.24
UNP         2.92
BEP             1.93
DOW         10.65
LYB         10.66
W-JNJ         6.36
W-O         1.7
W-KHC         4.83
W-DOW         4.22
W-KO         3.33
W-VTI         0.31
W-AVGO 4.26
W-COP         1.87
W-VLO     2.03
W-XOM         7.38
W-GAM         6.93
W-WBA     1.41

 Hopefully this year, I will have more time to share my purchases as we are making weekly and bi-weekly purchases across our accounts each month.  

I am using Personal Capital to track our finances.  It is a great free tool to use to track all your accounts and net worth.  Disclaimer: If you subscribe I may receive a commission.

How did you do last month?  

Did you had a great month as well? 

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