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Recent Purchase V - July 2016

Recent Purchase:

With the country in full political mode with the two recent political conventions, one can even debate which party will be better for DGI community or even for investors alike.

However one has to see what are your goal and follow those goals no matter what the outcome is. Since neither party will control you and your desire goals or be able to reach them for you.

It is with that view point that for me going forward I will simplify how a track my goals and outcome.
Since we are half way through the year I will be focus mostly on my individual Account with Sharebuilder as it will be my main source of income in retirement. Loayl3 as much as I like it has limited choices which I will transfer all proceeds for my sale there at month end to a newly form custodian account for Divident Pursuit Jr. He is three years old now and a good opportunity to get him started. I will try to invest $1000 a year going forward. I will eventually set those goals in stone how I will fund his …

Recent Purchase IV - July 2016

Recent Purchase PG, SIR, CL, CLX, GOV and FAST

After take a short vacation, we got home in time yesterday to setup my weekly purchase on sharebuilder account.

I really did not wanted to add any new stocks to my individual sharebuilder account, as I feel it has reach a point where I need to start increasing amount of shares own versus add new stocks to track. But both my ROTH and IRA account are in their imphancy hence there is where value and growth stocks will be placed going forward. I will however be trying to put more emphasis on the ROTH account for tax reason going forward.

So here are today purchases for July 19, 206

Sharebuilder accounts
PG $200 2.28 shares @ $85.71

FAST $50 1.08 shares @ $42.58
CLX $50 .33 shares @ $136.11
CL $50  .62 shares @ $74.21

GOV $40 1.54 shares @ $23.38
SIR $30 .94 shares @ $27.66

This will add $13.99 to my forward yearly dividend which now totals $811.01 and passes my first years goal within the first half of the year.

At this point I could possi…

Recent Raises updates July 2016

Raises updates

Everyone on the planet loves to receive a raise here and there just to maybe keep up with inflation. The cost of living has been on a rise in the last 15 years at an increditable pace. As a government employee we received maybe two or three raises that I can remember in the last eight to nine years. I am not the one to complain, however one just need to keep up with the inflation to just make it end meet or support a family.

This is one reason I love the aspect of investing in dividend growth stocks. They at least try to keep up with inflation and the power of compounding takes over like a snow ball coming down a mountain. I like that aspect specially after return home from a mini vacation in the mountains of Vermont (Jay Peak area), and visiting the old site of Old Man On the Mountain.

But without any hesitation here are some recent raises that I just realized plugging in new purchases in the last few weeks, since I been mostly vacationing for the summer here and there…

Recent Buy III - July 2016

With the Dow inching closer to all time highs, it difficult to find bargains. So this will be pretty much a catch up post from purchase from last week in sharebuilder.

Without further ado here are my purchases:

July 12, 2016
CAT $200 2.48 shares @ $78.81

Sharebuilder ROTH
July 12, 2016
BKE $100 3.52 shares @ $27.29

Sharebuilder IRA
July 12, 2016
ABT $50 1.09 shares @ $42.18
WDFC $50 .37 shares @ $122.26

Recentpurchases adds $18.22 to my yearly dividend which now total $792.94 in forward yearly dividend.

Almost reaching this years goal of $800 in forward dividend.

What do you think of recent purchases?
What are you buying?

Looking ahead will probably add to PG, OHI and maybe start new position on Roth and IRA, as I will try to keep current hold intact.

Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed
Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed investment advisor and not an investment professional. This site is only meant for educational or entertainment purposes only. I’m not liable for a…

Recent purchase II - July 2016

Recent purchase

While I am away this week with family on vacation in this amazing resort in Jay peak Vermont. Live out in the nature and away from the daily run around from the city. The most import thing is spending time with family. But let's focus why we are here.

Another week went bye, was time to add shares and start a new position to add shares too.
I have been neglecting my Loyal3 account for awhile was time to show it some love. So without further ado here is what I purchase there.

Loyal3 July 5, 2016
DIS $35 .3578 shares @ $97.83

July 11, 2016
MSFT $10 .1867 shares @ $53.57
SBUX $10 .1760 shares @ $56.81
LB $10 .1426 shares @ $70.12
YUM $20 .2329 shares @ $85.88

This adds $4.12 to my yearly dividend which total $774.72 in forward yearly dividend

The power of compounding is taking effect here, it's amazing to see the snow ball take affect here.

What do you think of recent purchases?
What are you buy this month?

I will be looking to add to CAT, ABT, MAIN and LTC

Thanks for …

Recent Buy I - July 2016

Recent Buy I

So fresh of my best month yet, as far as dividend goes it's time to continue buy more shares and add new stocks to growing portofolio to reach financial freedom to allowed more time for more important time with family and other ventures.

With the long holiday weekend over it is now time to focus on get freedom to do just what the holiday afford us to do so, enjoy life and family.

So here is what I purchase this week to get one step closer to the ultimate goal:

LOYAL3 June 30, 2016
DIS $20 .2050 shares @ $97.55

July 5, 2016
MDT $150 1.66 shares @ $87.47
CAT $130 1.68 shares @ $74.60
VZ $120 2.04 shares @ $56.69

July 5, 2016
WDR $40 2.20 shares @ $16.32

July 5, 2016
ABT $50 1.16 shares @ $39.37
T $50 1.05 shares @ $43.70

This will add $15.88 to my forward yearly dividend which now totals: $770.60

What do you think of recent purchases?
What are you buy this month?

I will be looking to add to CAT, ABT, MAIN, LTC. I will also be looking to add few…