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May 2021 Dividend Income Report

 May 2021 Dividend Update      Begining of a new month, that means it is time to count last month dividend income.  Every Dividend investor favorite time of the month.  This allows you to consider how far you have come and ponder where are you going towards your ultimate dream of achieving Financial Independence (FI).   FI has been my goal since 2014, Dividend and real estate are main two main sources of achieving FI. Without further ado let us review how we did last month: Stocks May 2021 $1811.58 $425.87 IRA $67.00 ROTH $60.69 Individual $225.64 Mrs. Dividend Pursuit Individual $66.76 HSA account $5.02 M1 Finance $0.76 TOTAL $425.87  Wow, this is our best month ever $425.87 in one month.  A new milestone for sure for us for sure.  For the month of May 2021, on our individual account we total $293.16, also a milestone for us.  We also collected $132.71 in our combine tax advantage accounts.  How did you do last month? I hope you also had a great month collecting dividends? Thanks for