June 2018 dividend payout

June 2018 dividend payout

Wow another month has gone by. However, every investor cherishes this time of the month. It gives us time to stop and count our divided payout for the previous month.

So last month was another milestone for sure for my family. We closed in a new home on June 25, 2018. It is a beautiful six (6) year old house with plenty of space for the three (3) of us to enjoy with extended family who visit often. We really enjoy having family around. That is the reason why I invest in the first place, to be able to find more time with them eventually.

So without further ado....here who pay me last month

MAIN $3.17
QCOM $4.85
LTC         $3.27
STAG $4.96
PBA $0.44
O          $1.29
EPR.        $1.32
Main $5.58
DLR $3.1

Total $27.98

So last month I received a total of $27.98 in form of dividend payout. We also received $287.00 in cash flow from our rental units for a total of $314.98.

How did you do last month? Who pay you dividend last month?

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