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February 2023 Dividend Income Update

February 2023 Dividend Income Update Where have the time gone?  Start of the new month is the time to stop and calculate dividends collected last month.  Our Rental continue to add to expenditure for the month leaving a negative cash flow for the 3rd month in a row. But let us Focus on the passive Income from our dividend Income which continues to increase.   Without further ado here is the total dividend collected in February 2023: We collected a total of $786.63, in passive dividend last month.  We collected a total of $141.78 in our Taxable advantage accounts.  However, our focus nas been towards our taxable accounts which we can use once it covers our expensive.  We total $644.85 in our taxable accounts. In February 2023, we had a negative cash Flow of $8700.00 in our Rental portofolio. We continue to deploy capital making improvements to our buildings, which Will provide a safe, clean and affordable apartments for families for years to come.  How did you do last month?  Did you ha