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June 2021 Dividend Income

 June 2021 Dividend Income      New Month and it is time to count last month dividend income that we received across all our accounts.  I have to say, the begining of a new month are my favorite time of the month.  It gives dividend investors opportunity to count the dividend and track progress to Financial Freedom (FI).  I am still not sold on the ocncept of Financial Independe Retire Early (FIRE).  I am mostly sold on the concept of FI.  Freedom to choose how to live, where to live, how to choose the lifestyle you desire, are more appeal to me than the concept of retiring early. That is why I am a Dividend Investor.  Passively growing ones dividend which creates a power of compounding as you allowed the dividend to keep growing by investing the dividend via DRIP method. So without further ado let us review last month progress. Stocks June 2021 $2,200.79 $389.21 IRA $56.44 ROTH $24.29 Individual $259.18 Mrs. Dividend Pursuit $42.18 HSA account $3.95 M1 Finance $3.17 TOTAL $389.21 Ther