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Updated post December 2017

Updated for Dividend Pursuit First, I would like to apologies for not keeping everyone updated on latest news with Dividend Pursuit. It has been a roller coaster year to say the least. I keep this post brief to bring everyone update and our new philosophy as far as investing goes. Towards the end of 2015 we made a drastic change to rent out our single family and move with relatives to both save and start from scratch financially. We use the time to reduce our debt to zero. Towards the end of 2016 came a chance to buy a new property as we look at the low inventory in the market we end up deciding to buy a multi-family home. We would live in it and rent out the remaining space. To reach this new found goal we decide to sell the single family and start all over. In March 2017, we finally closed on a multi-family with potential 4 apartments. The biggest unit was a townhouse style which we currently occupy. In the process I decided to sell all my stocks holding in April given that the