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Recent Purchase III January 2018

Recent Purchase III January 2018 With my third purchase this month, you guess it I added to OHI. I have said in the recent past that this stock is surely undervalue due to the whole REIT sector under performance. So when it came time to add to my portfolio I choose to add to OHI while it is still down. Without further ado here is what I purchase with my third purchase this month. OHI 15.0455 shares @ $26.39 + 3.95 Commission = total $ 401.00 This is a bargain from my initial purchase at $27.33 . If it pulls back down more I may add to this position in the future. However, I will  stand pat for now. This add $39.72 to my yearly dividend. What do you think of recent purchase? What are you buying? Thanks for reading. Dividend Pursuit Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed. Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed investment advisor and not an investment professional. This site is only meant for educational or entertainment purposes only. I’m not liable for any losses suffered as

Recent Purchase January 2018 II

Recent Purchase January 2018 II Fresh of a new month, new year and the desire to continue to built dividend income it is only fitting to start buy early and often to built a portofolio which will fuel and grow my little dividend each month. So here is what I purchase to add on to my growing portofolio each month. 1/23/2018 OHI 3.5149 shares @ $27.33 + 3.95 total of $100 This is a new position. They have been struggling lately and so is the whole REIT stocks as a whole. I believe this to be a good time to add REIT to one’s portofolio to built on while it is down. The following is an insert from Sabrient review on OHI: Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. is a self-administered real estate investment trust (REIT). The Company maintains a portfolio of long-term healthcare facilities and mortgages on healthcare facilities located in the United States and the United Kingdom. It operates through the segment, which consists of investments in healthcare-related real estate properties

December 2017 Dividend payout

December 2017 Dividend Payout It's been awhile since I updated my Dividend payout. So its only fitting to get started we most current updated results from the month. So we celebrate the end of the month counting this little pennies which will turn to dollars and hopefully in a few months into hundreds of dollars to be able to fully fund my early retirement dream and independence from the rat race. Here are the companies who paid me last month: XOM on 12/11/17 $28.84 I no longer hold this position STAG on 12/15/17 $2.35 MAIN on 12/27/17 $1.65 special Dividend payout Total of $32.84 Rental positive cash flow + $405 Total Semi passive income $437.84 Not bad for not having to work for this extra cash. How did you do last month? Are you meeting your goals? What are you buying to built your passive income? Thanks for reading. Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed. Except for XOM. Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed investment advisor and not an investm

Recent Buy

Recent Purchases It's all always great to end the year on a positive way. This year we made some strides and continue to   Save more of our income and putting that towards building passive income. After my last update its now time to keep everyone inform about my recent activities as I look forward to build my passive Dividend Pursuit Fund, which will one day fund my early retirement. So without further ado here are my recent purchases: 12/19/17 MAIN 3.6498 Shares @ $40.02 + $3.95 Commission = $150.00 STAG  2.5521 Shares @ $27.84 + $3.95 Commission = $ 75.00 12/26/17 STAG  .8797 Shares @ $27.34 + $3.95 Commission = $28 1/16/18 STAG 9.5553 shares @ $25.75 + $3.95 Commission = $250 As you can see I have focus mostly on monthly dividend paying stocks at this point. I will try to build a nice position step-by-step. Focusing on building a good Dividend Pursuit Fund to rely on as I near my early retirement goals. What do you think of recent purchases? What are you buyin