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Dividend Pursuit Updates (this post was original posted November 2015)

 Dividend Pursuit Updates (this post was original posted November 2015)   It has been awhile since I posted anything.   Life has changed a lot for me and my family and I have been spending more time with them lately which has given me a different perspective in life specially as we quarantine together and trying to stay safe at the same time as we go about our daily activities.   COVID-19 has definitely changed the world and the more you thing of it the more the reality of reaching financial independence becomes important.   It allows you the opportunity to make choices that would possibly keep you and your family safe in though times.   So, this led to a perfect opportunity to start sharing what we been investing on and how we continue our journey to financial independence (FI).   I don’t think I will retire for say where I reach FI but it will give our family more options to work and things we enjoy and are passionate about, which is volunteering and helping people.   To start I