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January 2022 Dividend Income Update.

 January 2022 Dividend Income Update  It is half-way to the next month and I just realized I had not updated my Dividend from last month  yet 😀.  So let's review last month Dividend Income received without further ado. Last month I received a total of $447.16, in dividend between all our accounts.  This is 62% more than we collected last year $277.25.  It is great to see the year-over-year increase.    Here is a breakdown below for January 2022. Dividend Pursuit January 2022 $447.16 $447.16 TAX Advantage $100.67 HSA account $12.83 Mrs. Dividend Pursuit $82.82 Dividend Pursuit $248.88 M1 Finance $1.96 TOTAL  $447.16 This year I am tracking both our IRA and ROTH IRA accounts together, just to save some time and cosolidade both items, since I will not touch either accounts till later in life.  I am also slowing down with our M1 finance joint account and focus on our Taxable accounts and my TSP which I don't current track now.  However, I did increase my contribution to 15% and wi