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August 2021 Dividend Report

 August 2021 Dividend Report     New month is upon us, time to reflect on last month dividend collect passively without lifting a finger, except the foresight of investing in quality companies that pay dividend to their shareholders.  The market keep reaching all time highs and it has been difficult to find companies to invest in.  However, it has also has present opportunity to keep building shares on companies I already own to build my dividend income passively.  Without further ado let us review last month's dividend payout. Year-to-Date August 2021 $3038.75 $476.62 IRA $71.63 ROTH $62.35 Individual  $260.41 Mrs. Dividend Pursuit $73.11 HSA account $7.82 M1 Finance $1.30 TOTAL  $476.62 Wow, what a month a record month since I started tracking and invest in dividend paying stocks, $476.62 for the month of August 2021.  My Tax Advantage account total $141.80, and brokerage account total $334.82.  This is real money that could be deployed to cover cost of living right now if I choo