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June 2022 Dividend Update

 June 2022 Dividend Update     Where have the time gone?  I apologized for the late post, the last two months have been very hectic.  We had two tenants move out on two different buildings and two different city.  It took almost the whole month to turn the apartment and rent them out.  Now I can take a little bit and focus on my  dividend growth strategy.   Without further ado let's review last month dividend collected.  Last month we collected a total of $654.45 in dividend from all our accounts.  Another month over $600 in dividend collected passively.  Just a great feeling!!! During June 2022, we collected a total of $100.45 in our taxable advantage accounts.  That means we collect a total of $554.00 in our taxable accounts, which is a third away from my target. Last month we did not re-investe all our dividends on the same stocks, but we used to buy dividend stocks that were down during that month.  In the end it will all even out I think. How did you do last month?  Did you ha