Friday, October 1, 2021


    September 2021 Dividend  Update

 Where has the time go?   We are already in the fall I can believe the time has gone by so fast. As we start new month, which starts the 4th quarter the last part of the year.  With a new month it is time to dive in to last month number and see how I am progressing towards my Financial Independence (FI).

For sure the market is going through a lot of volatility, as a long term investor I tend not to pay attention munch of what Mr. market does.  I tend to stick to my strategy of buying exceptional companies and build my passive income via dividend.   

Without further ado let us review last month's numbers:

For the month of September We received a total of $537.22.   On our Taxable accounts we collected $452.11 in dividend and out taxable account we collected $85.11 in dividend for the month of September.  This brings the total dividend collected for the year to $3575.97.  


Wow- this is a new monthly record dividend collected over $500 in dividend.   This Month we could had pay car payment for Toyota Tacoma $399.99, cell phone bill $168.00, gas for the house $32.00 and almost fill up gas on our Honda Accord $37.22.  

Overall a solid month, I can see the value of continuing to invest in solid dividend paying stocks with a track record of continue to raised and grow their dividend year-after-year.

How did you do last month?  Did you had a good month?

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