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November 2021 Dividend Income Report

 November 2021 Dividend Income Report     New Month, new COVID variant and we saw the market tumble to beginning the new month.  As a dividend investors I try not to pay attention to news and how Mr. Market responds.  I try to invest in stable companies with a long term view of growing my passive dividend month after month and year after year, until I reach my Financial  Independence (FI).  Once I reach FI where both my passive dividend income and passive rental income surpass my earn income, I would finally own my time and deploy my time to life a live a envision for my self and my family. Without further ado let us review last month dividend income.   We received a total of $521.94 in the month of November 2021. We received a total of $4501.01, year to date in dividend income so far.  We received $352.36 in total dividend dividend in our non taxable accounts and $169.58 in our taxable accounts. Wow!!! another month over $500.00 in dividend income, for the second time this year.  Our