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Purchase and Sell December 5-20

To buy or sell The market continues to be volatile in December. The down is at its lowest since early 2017. However, as a long term investor and dividend investor in particular it is time to buy at a discount. If you plan to buy an item you have covetect for awhile but the price was still expensive, wouldn't you buy it at a 20% discount? That is th ekind of mind set you need as a long term investor. It is time to buy at a discount during volatility in the market and not pay attention to market gyrations, that pundits tend to over enphasize or create fear amonst the general masses. Are you buy or selling during the market volatility? Way back in early November I decided to trim the numbers of stocks I own at the time from 80 to 60. I began the journey with some turmoil and daily gyrations at the time. Some I sold turn out to be a good sell highsight 20/20. however, my intentions were not to sell due to market condictions. It was merely to lower the amount of stocks I am curre

Dividend Raises 4th Quarter

4th Quarter Recent Dividend Raises  As a dividend stock investor, this is the best news possible. When stocks you hold announce that they will be share even more of their wealth with the investors. I received six (6) such wonderful news and they all contribute to future growth on my FIRE fund. The most amazing thing is that I did not have to do any work. Most of the work was already done, when I took the initiative to buy the stocks. Let us review recent raises: Raise December-January Disney -DIS raised its dividend by 4.8% from $0.84 to $0.88. Legget Platt -LEG raised its dividend 5.6% from $0.36 to $0.38. WP Carey -WPC raised its dividend .50% from $1.025 to $1.03. Ventas -VTR raised its dividend 4.84% from $0.79 to $0.7925. WD-40 WDFC also raised its dividend by a whopping 13%, wow...the dividend went from $0.54 to $0.61. Nice raises overall. With this raises my forward yearly dividend is now at $1567.58. Did you received a similar raises?  As a fed

November 2018 Lamdlord Report

November Landlord report As of October 2018, I am separating income received from Stocks versus passive income received from rental property. This is a way to simplify my tracking of dividend received compare to my goal to reach FIRE. Although both will contribute to reaching that goal. I will also gear this post toward anything relate to being a landlord and how much time it takes and expenses and my overall experience dealing with tenants. $65/hour managing this property Let us review last month report as landlord. Again last month saw a positive cash flow as landlord. Property #1 has 4 units, 3 of the four paid on time for a total of $3700.00. The fourth (4th) unit we finally had a day in court after I execute the eviction process. I did made one mistake by not looking at the expiration date on the execution. So this cost me two weeks, I had to go back to court and to get another hearing and ask the judge for another execution.  On November 13, 2018, I head back to cour

Recent Purchase November 17-December 4 2018

Recent Purchase November 17 - December 4  The Market volatility continues to make headwinds. It seems this days that every expert and analysts has difference of opinion on how to proceed during the volatility. However, any long term investors need to stomach the pain that the market may bring on the downswing and be prepared to save cash for the down-market where opportunity will present it self to add more shares to moat stocks, that can be bought and hold for long term. It has been awhile since I made an update on recent purchases. It is now that time to see where capital were deployed and how this impact the portfolio. The goal of sell stocks to minimize the number of stocks on the portfolio is still of goal of mine. I will continue to trim positions and deploy the funds to stocks I envision holding for long term (10- years or more).  Also on my mind is the current situation with Robin Hood, clearing house. They switched last month from APEX to their own clearing house Ro

November dividend payout

November 2018 dividend payout It is every investor favorite time of the month. Time to collect and count the dividend from previous month and either DRIP or re-invest the dividend with add new capital. I choose the latter as this give me a better option to deploy capital where the stock may be down and it also gives me a chance to average down on my initial purchase. Do you re- invest or redeploy the dividend to a new stock? Now without further ado lets see who pay me last month. A total of 32 different companies share their wealth in form of dividend payout last month. Now let us recap who and what they paid. CVS     $3.00 NWFL  $1.10 BMY    $0.80 T           $4.50 VZ       $9.04 TD       $1.53  ABM   $1.05 HEP     $8.65 AGNC $2.16 BPL     $8.25 PAA    $3.00 CFG    $2.70 O         $2.21 OKE    $5.13 PG       $7.17 ABT     $1.40 CAT     $3.44 CINR   $5.10 CL       $3.36 PAYX  $5.60 WES    $9.65 OHI     $12.54 MAIN  $3.90