Dividend Income - March 2016

It is that time to declare last months dividend income. With the market gyrations the last couple months it's nice to stop and ponder on all the dividend income and reflect on the possibilities for future growth on the dividend front.

So here is my report for month of March 2016:

WFC 0.73
CMI 1.92
AFL 0.68
INTC 0.43
VLO 2.04
LB         0.25
LB         0.84
So         2.73
JNJ         6.8
ADM 2.1
CVX 21
UTX 0.92
XOM 7.43
STAG 0.43
MCD 0.7
K          0.58
PBA 0.31
VFC 0.65
NOV 2.84
RDS.A 5.64
UNP 1.21
LTC       0.9
DLR.     2.07

Total 63.2

Wow 22 companies paid me dividend albeit small amounts. The goal will be to grow this dividend going forward to reach double digits by year end. Not bad for first year of dividend growth focus.

Since I reinvest all dividends at this point in the game, this months added another $2.50 to my forward yearly dividend. The total now stands at $470.07

How did you do last month? What are your goals?

Thanks for reading

Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed

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