Recent Buy I - April 2016 I

Add shares to my VZ holding

A lot of equities is staring to look overpriced at this point hope there will be a little pull back. In the meantime hope to save some cash and be ready when it does.

So this week I did not want to add anything at all to the market; But there was still $55.00 still seating on my share builder account from transfer from last two weeks. So I put that to work on only of my outperform stocks Verizon (VZ).

I do think it's a little bit overprice at over $54.00 plus but it was work add to dividend since it goes Ex-Dividend tomorrow.

So here is what took place: Buy stock
VZ $55.00
04/05/2016 04:00:00 AM
Quantity: 0.94
Price: $54.08

I added to my shares and add some dividend for this month. Together with AT&T are a moat in the telecommunications industry. This adds $2.12 to my yearly dividend which is now $472.19.

What are your thoughts on recent purchases? What are you buying?

Thanks for reading

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